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December 06, 2016

A grandmother has given birth to her own grandson.

Megan Baker, 48, carried the baby son for her daughter, Maddie Coleman, and her husband, Tyler Coleman, after Maddie was told she wouldn't be able to have children because at age 14, she was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser - a condition that causes the uterus to be underdeveloped.

Following her diagnosis, Maddie had to have her right ovary removed, which ruled out children completely.

However, her mother decided to step in to help at her daughter's time of need, and in February, doctors planted two eggs inside of Megan, combined with Tyler's sperm.

Just one month later, on the day before the pair's wedding, her mother broke the news that she was carrying their child.

Speaking with, Maddie said: "I cried. I was very grateful. I was superemotional. For me to be able to have a biological child filled that void that I felt like I was missing. My mom is my best friend. I can't imagine anyone else doing this for us."

Maddie's son, Gus, was born on October 22.

A couple has got married in a grocery store.

The newlyweds, Charles Larry and Mary Tinson, walked down the aisle of Harvey's supermarket in Albany, Georgia, recently to exchange their marital vows.

Although the choice of location may be strange to some, it made sense to the couple because it was the location where they first met.

The pair had originally known each other from earlier years. However, they hadn't seen each other for around 20 years until meeting again in the supermarket four years ago.

According to WALB-TV, Mary said: "I heard someone say, 'Hey, girl,' and I turned around and said, 'Oh, my God, Larry?'

"You can often tell when a man has a crush on you."

The couple carried cans of cranberry sauce as they walked down the aisle as this was the product Charles purchased in the store when the pair reunited.

The wedding had 70 witnesses, and the supermarket staff helped with live music and a cake topped with cranberries.

Speaking about the ceremony, Ken Wicker, Harvey's vice-president of operations said: "We are extremely excited to be part of this special day.

"To our knowledge, this is the first time we've ever had a real wedding in one of our supermarkets."

Cash-strapped Britons are expected to re-gift at Christmas due to Brexit.

An average of PS28 billion has been forecast to be spent over the festive season this year - PS117 million more than 2015. But with many UK families struggling to survive with the rising costs of living, gift card marketplace Zeek surveyed 2,000 Britons to ask them about their fears

Among those surveyed, one in six are worried about the impact on the economy following Brexit, while one in 10 are concerned about the economy after Donald Trump came into office as the president of America.

Daniel Zelkind, CEO of, said: "Zeek has thousands of discounted vouchers selling at between five and 25 per cent below their market value that can be used against some of the biggest purchases - from decorations to food - delivering savings that can help at a time when every penny counts."

In a bid to save cash, Britons have used the following five methods: gift-shifting - re-gifting a present received from someone else; sacrificing daily coffee; making a packed lunch; cancelling membership; and quitting smoking.

Two girls cut their hair to fool their parents into thinking they were asleep after being banned from going out.

Shannon and Keira hatched a conniving plan in a bid to escape and enjoy an evening out with their friends despite being locked in their room by their parents.

The girls' plot saw them stuff their bed with pillows and trim their tresses, which they placed over the covers to give the impression that they were asleep if their curious parents came to check on them.

Shannon shared an image of their well-executed plan on Twitter, which has since been reported on the Mirror Online.

Another girl - who is believed to be a friend of the quick-thinking duo - shared a clip of the girls clambering into their bedroom through the window in the early hours of the morning.