Sangster wants the Bess for his parish


December 09, 2016

Mayor of Black River, Derrick Sangster, said his first order of business will be to lobby central government for funds to adequately effect work on the parish's minor water-supply system.

"We will be making an appeal to central government for more funding that goes into these minor water-supply schemes," said Sangster, who is councillor for the Mountainside Division.

"Currently, the council gets a small amount of funding, but much more is required to fix this long-standing issue in St Elizabeth."

"This will be a very critical element of our thrust to finally rid this parish of chronic water problems that have dogged us for so long," added Sangster.

The new mayor said it was incumbent on the new administration that he leads to take the initiative in bringing potable water to the citizens of the parish.

"It is well known that there are many places in this parish that do not have a sufficient supply of piped water, and, therefore, through the minor water supply, I see where we can help to make things better for the people," said Sangster.