Weird Saturday Stuff


December 10, 2016

Weird Saturday Stuff

Witch doctor casts black magic spell on man's penis

The Kenyan gentleman, who has not been named, was subjected to the bizarre behaviour after he allegedly had an affair with another man's wife.

He woke up in the morning to discover that his manhood had dropped to his knees.

According to the Daily Post Kenya, the man begged for forgiveness after he learnt that the woman's husband was a member of the Luo tribe.

The tribe is renowned for practising black magic - but his plea was not granted.

The Luo man saw a witch doctor and asked them to cast a spell on the adulterous duo.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time black magic has been used in Kenya.

Earlier this year it was used to make a man grow breasts as punishment for sleeping with his neighbour's wife.

Dog becomes surrogate mother to two abandoned baby tigers

The pet pooch called Leon - owned by zoo keeper Jeannette Waurns - is helping to rear the one-month-old cubs called Peach and Pearl in their living room of Stukenbrock Safari Park in Germany after they were immediately rejected by their mother at birth.

Jeannette told AOL Travel News: "Leon quickly adopted the role of surrogate mother, acting as educator and entertainer."

However, Jeannette isn't planning to keep the cubs once they can fend for themselves because they "are not pets, but animals of prey."

The zoo keeper also revealed that once the cubs get bigger, she will caress the twins through bars as they can react unexpectedly and could turn violent, but insisted it still allows close contact without endangering lives.

A group of shoppers were forced to take refuge in their cars after a grumpy goat forced his way into a store in Northern Ireland and started charging at them.

The highly-strung animal trotted into Eurospar in Carrickfergus and chased frightened customers up and down the aisles until they eventually managed to flee the shop and hide in their vehicles in the parking area.

The store's manager Jonathan Smyth told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's just something you didn't expect. I turned around and there was a goat with this big eyes starring right at me. He held eye contact for about 30 seconds."

Although no one was injured in the incident, things may have turned out very differently if Smyth hadn't managed to drag his regular customer Billy out of the way of the goat.

Despite fearing for his life at the time, the manager can't help but giggle when he thinks back on the random animal attack.

He said: "It was great, it made my day. When I saw it I burst into stitches."

A woman, who has remained unnamed, stripped to her underwear and targeted her private parts with a taser, when a house party turned a little too wild.

A clip, which has been obtained by the Mirror Online, sees the blonde-haired girl kneel in fear prior to the incident, although she kept giggling.

The female then gave her genitalia the vibration of a lifetime and when the sudden buzz hit her nether region she instantly keeled over in pain, whilst friends looked on.