Monday Weird


December 12, 2016

Woman has live cockroach surgically removed from ear

A female called Su had to undergo an invasive procedure to remove the insect from burrowing insider her organ.

Instead of killing the creepy crawly, the surgeon had to wait until the bug was out to end its life.

However, the patient has revealed she could feel something moving inside of her ear.

In footage, which has been obtained by the Mirror Online, she said: "It's really a cockroach? Oh, God!"

And Meng Jie, who is the head of the hospital's ear, nose and throat department, said: "The patient came in complaining of pain in her ear, claiming that an insect had crawled inside it - and that it was still moving.

"We spotted the cockroach deep in her ear canal - its legs were still moving - and pulled it out after giving [the patient] some local anaesthetics."

Mother thinks she's being stalked by orphaned ghost girl

Hannah Butler, 24, is convinced she's being followed by the spirit as she regularly appears in her dreams after she took a photo of the youngster three years ago while she was wandering through the woods in Maidstone, Kent, with her friend Georgina.

Speaking of the first time she came face-to-face with the bizarre figure, she said: "I just snapped away at the tree, I must have taken about 10 photos. I was wandering around, looking through them, and then I saw it. I thought I had just imagined her. It wasn't on any of the other photos. Then I started freaking out. I was so shocked."

She said she showed Georgina and the rest of the group. Of about 15 people, at least 10 also freaked out.

But that didn't stop her going back to the woods as she decided to do the guide again in the daylight to try and talk to the little girl.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: "We made our own 'yes' and 'no' board, and the guide asked out loud if the girl wanted to be my friend. The answer was yes.

"I suddenly felt so guilty. It sounds strange, but if it was her then she showed herself to me for a reason. Why me? And I just ran away."

Experts say sex can boost your memory

A group of researchers believe an increased libido bodes well for those who want a greater memory.

They advise hot-headed people to address any emotional or psychological issues and sort out any unresolved issues because they can lead to stress, anxiety, a reduced sex drive and lack of memory.

Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at, said: "To get you 'in the mood' it's important that you feel relaxed and at ease."

The experts also believe factors including regular exercise, eating oily fish and beef, getting a good night's sleep, laughing and writing things down can also contribute to remembering more things and a more enjoyment under the bed sheets.

Woman sought revenge for husband's Tinder profile

The wife hacked in to 29-year-old Mike's profile on the dating app and changed his personality bio, in which she alerted viewers that he was a cheat, and encouraged people to send him hate mail for betraying her.

A Tinder user who discovered the profile took a screen shot of Mike's changed bio and posted it to social media.

The bio read (in part): "Hey my name is mike I'm married with two kids.

"I have a tiny d*** that is STI infested. My wife found my profile if you can't tell and I don't know yet that she's talking on the phone right now with one of my girls and is leaving me.