Weird Wednesday Stuff


December 14, 2016

A man has debated with Yorkshire Tea about where their tea bags originate from.

The unnamed man - whose Twitter username is @2SpikyHairedWweFans - first tweeted the company asking them where their tea leaves are grown.

The company replied: "@2spikywwefans Yes, of course. We grow it in our massive hydroponic tea plantation two miles beneath the surface of Dewsbury. (sic)"

In further exchanged tweets, the man tweeted the company's core standards off of their website, in which he accused the company of telling "porky pies" as they state that they come from rainforest farms in Yorkshire.

In a sarcastic reply, the tea company tweeted back: "On no, you caught us red-handed" followed by "English breakfast tea isn't grown in England either. We're sorry to be the ones to break this to you. (sic)"

The Twitter user soon became angry at the company, accusing them of lying and misleading the public.

Yorkshire Tea attempted to end the debate and said: "@2spikywwefans We're based here, we blend it here & we created it here for the water here. This conversation also ends here. (sic)"

The man continued to accuse the company of telling a pack of lies and Twitter followers soon became amused by the man's remarks.

Father Christmas could cost millions in insurance.

Towergate Insurance Brokers believe that the legendary figure of Western culture could cost around PS27 million to insure, as he holds great responsibility in journeying around the UK on Christmas Eve, eating mince pies and delivering toys and gifts to the nation.

According to the brokers, Mr Claus would need at least nine insurance policies to support his ways, including non-standard home insurance, goods in transit, public liability, and reindeer's vet's insurance to ensure his helpers are in good health as they sport him round on the sleigh.

Drew Wotherspoon of Towergate said: "Being Father Christmas is clearly a risky role and we've drawn upon our years of expertise and knowledge to estimate the kind of policies he'd need if such a role did exist.

"We love creating flexible policies for the more unique individuals and businesses out there; and if we were ever asked to insure the real Father Christmas, his advanced age, speedy delivery schedule, high-value gifts, and chimney and roof-hopping activities all need to be accounted for," he added.