Mariah Carey entertains woman living with breast cancer


December 30, 2016
Mariah Carey

BERLIN, Connecticut (AP):

Christmas arrived a week early for a smiling Larissa Podermanski when she met pop star Mariah Carey on Saturday backstage at the Beacon Theater in New York City.

Podermanski, who grew up in Middletown and Middlefield, was diagnosed with stage-four metastatic breast cancer last spring.

She has undergone treatment, including weekly chemotherapy.

She spoke to Carey, an international musical diva, during a 15-minute private interlude backstage.

Podermanski was able to convey to Carey how her work has inspired her since she was a teen.

"I had a chance to tell my story about breast cancer and everyone was very intrigued by what I had to say," said Podermanski, who was glad to have lost the 'jitters' prior to meeting Carey.

The evening was the culmination of whirlwind events after getting notice hours earlier that a car would arrive for her and her husband, Martin Podermanski, to whisk them to Gotham, where the diva was set to perform.

When asked what wish she might want if one were granted, Podermanski always replied, "I'd like to meet Mariah," she said. "Music helps when you are having a bad day.

"When days are harder and you feel alone cancer can be very lonely when you are having a bad day, when no one understands you, music can pull you out of depression," she added.