Money scarce but the Christmas loud!

December 23, 2015

I don't mean to be a Scrooge nor am I trying to be the Grinch who steals your joyous holiday vibes, but how the Christmas chaos so loud up and crowd up? No man, if you see me with my ears corked up is just because di volume buck.

Mi nah lie, folks, it seems to get more intense every year. The sometimes sweet but mostly superfluous incessant singing of carols and the hawking vendors have me an inch away from deafness. The overabundance of flashing pepper lights, glitter and shimmering sequins are trying to blind me. And the general extra excitement out fi mad mi, ah swear!

What's it doing to you? How does it feel when you take to the streets and shopping areas? Me, I'm literally afraid to hit the road these days.

Every corner you look is people, people and more people; all kinds of people. And every one of them simultaneously talking loudly and passionately, and moving fast, furious and frantically. Jah knows, it crazy! But tell me something, is which part so much people come from at this time of the year? You ever wonder?

As I travel around the town in Kingston, Jamaica, I can't help noticing the extra nuff crowd of people all around and the extra plenty number of cars, bikes, bicycles, hand carts on the streets. I've even seen a few of those newfangled and problematic things called hoverboards as well. Where were those folks and those things last month?

I honestly believe we have some spare cars and extra people hidden away somewhere all year. Maybe they were exiled in foreign, chilling in prison or somewhere else in hiding or hibernation, and then, sometime, like about a week or so from Christmas, they descend on the land to up the volume on the holiday bashment and bangarang.

I don't get any yet, but I notice that gift- buying activities have increased all around me. Clothes flying off the racks in stores and on the various street-side spaces that turn store. And food selling like wow.

And every corner and neighbourhood bar is getting an upswing in customer presence. Plus, every other vehicle that I pass on the road is another delivery truck, chock full of brand-new appliance and furniture. Yeah, man, if you really look good, I'm sure you'll notice them too.

So here's my next little question: which part all the money coming from? I'm asking because the common talk is 'nuh money nah run dah year yah'.

Don't you hear? It's the commonest lyrics these days. Rich and poor and in-between, if you ask them, nobody seems to be financially well off. In fact, the only person who's talking about being 'real rich' is Tanto Blacks, and, well, mi nuh so sure what he means by that.

Yes friends and peoples, everybody is bawling about economic crunch and financial difficulty, but everybody is getting ready to look like a million dollars and eat like royalty at a few 'turnt up' Christmas parties. But what's new? That's humanity for you. Gwaan do unnu ting yah! Dutty tuff, but life still sweet, so wake up dress up and just gwaan dweet.

Just try practise moderation, and remember the not-so fortunate ones. And please, count your blessings and see if you don't agree with me that things are much better than they seem at first glance.

I wish you all the best. Have a cherry Christmas and an ackee New Year!

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