‘Di world nuh level’

January 20, 2016
Dexta Daps

So nude pics and videos of a certain male dancehall deejay mysteriously appeared on social media sites for his birthday recently. You see it? From what I've read so far the overwhelming response has been mainly words of commendation from women who are obviously impressed with the size of his 'manhood' and are describing him as 'blessed'.

Yeah man, some of them seem prepared to rename him 'Johnny B. Good', if you know what I mean. Well, I haven't seen the pictures myself and I don't intend to. Yeah, I'm scared of the possibility of seeing something that might make me feel small. You wrong me?

Maybe it's just me though, but I find it interesting that there has been no great outrage around this unexpected exposure. Would it have been the same if pictures or videos of a popular female deejay were to mysteriously appear online like that? I think not. Whether the pictures are released inadvertently or intentionally, a woman would be roundly condemned by men and women for allowing her body to be so revealed.


disparaging terms


Professionally and personally, she woulda get wah di duck get. And I don't mean corn. We would indulge our vast vocabulary of vulgar vitriol and draw on our arsenal of derogatory and disparaging terms to vent about any woman who ends up in such a position. As Jackass has allegedly asserted, 'di world nuh level'

A woman caught with her clothes off and her physical assets on display would be immediately labelled a whore and more. She would very likely lose important business contracts and personal relationships. She would also very likely be forced to publicly explain and apologise for showing the world what God gave her.


feels weird


Dexta Daps, on the other hand, has not said a word about his exposure. Not a word! Instead, he seems to have been silently enjoying the extra attention and female adoration. In fact, the praise has been so loud that I'm tempted to grab a quick peep at the pic myself, just to get a better sense of these ladies' idea of an admirable size, and see how well my blessings measure up comparatively. The idea of looking on another man's private parts kinda feels weird though.

But like most men, I can't help but wonder if I would be get the same level of 'big up'. I know I'm not as bad as the man who reportedly got up naked with a raging erection up in the middle of the night in a dark room, and ran up into a wall...and broke his nose. Still, I wonder. And I'm still interested in hearing what the deejay has to say, if anything, about the release of those nude pictures.

The exposed artiste has been really quiet in the face of all this praise.

A certain cricketer, on the other hand, who has been the on the receiving end of condemnation over recent actions, has come out swinging. Yeah, don't blush baby, but Chris Gayle has knocked another big six by instructing all folks who have been dragging him over the coals to put a smooch on the darkest part of his anatomy. Life eh?


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