ZIKV regulating procreation

January 22, 2016

Theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking believes mankind is in peril. He thinks that nuclear war, global warming and genetically modified viruses are perhaps the greatest threats to man's existence.

The deeply religious believe we are in the last days, which in Jamaican parlance means that "God soon come fi him world."

This is the first time I can remember when an atheist and the religious seem to be on the same page about man's time on this planet. That right there is a sign.

Another sign for me is the threat that mosquitoes present to the world at large these days. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mosquito bites are responsible for about a million deaths each year, and based on what I have been hearing this week, they are also beginning to affect our ability to determine when to procreate.

The Ministry of Health has been asking women planning to have children to consider delaying getting pregnant for about six to 12 months in order to minimise the risk of their newborns suffering microcephaly, which is caused by the Zika Virus (ZIKV) that is on its way here. With microcephaly, the child is born with unusually small head. In the USA, the Centre for Disease Control has also issued advisories to pregnant women travelling to countries where the virus is present.


faithful man


For men and women this has become a serious issue. For women of childbearing age, who want to have their children now, this is a major humbug and it could affect their partners just as much. You know how some women are; if they have to wait to have their babies they might as well not have sex until the time comes for them to do so. For many men that is not good news, or it could be, depending on the kind of man involved.

To the faithful man that is a major issue. If he can't have sex with the only woman he wants to have sex with, he will become frustrated and people who are sexually frustrated argue a lot.

And under these circumstances when it is finally time to try, a whole new set of issues come into play. For example, the woman might find her man checking out every inch of her body before they get busy looking for bites, mosquito bites. "No mosquito bite you lately baby?" would be a frequently asked question. Why? Because no man wants to have a child with a shrunken head. It might sound callous, but every man and woman on this planet, if given a choice between having a healthy child and one born with a physical defect, will choose the healthy child. It's a no-brainer.


mosquito bite


The other side of that is that some women will blame their men for getting them pregnant if the child is born with a defect caused by the Zika Virus. I can hear it now. "Why you get me pregnant and you see seh mosquito bite me? How you so wicked?"

It would be stressful. I mean, it's bad enough these days having to be concerned about HIV/AIDS and other similar STDs, but when you have to consider every mosquito bite, that can make sex feel like taking exams. And, the last time I checked only a few people on this planet like taking them. That being the case, after a while sex will become too much of a bother and next thing you know fewer babies are being born and the world's population begins to decline and before you know it, we are extinct. That is if we don't try to blow ourselves up first.

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