Terrorist attacks are senseless

March 23, 2016
In this photo provided by Georgian Public Broadcaster and photographed by Ketevan Kardava two women wounded in Brussels Airport in Brussels, Belgium, after explosions were heard on Tuesday.
Police and other emergency workers stand in front of the damaged Zaventem Airport terminal in Brussels yesterday.

Another day, another terrorist attack. This time in Brussels. Two brothers, it is being reported, blew themselves up and took another 30 people with them. I will never understand it, but it continues to happen every day.
And even as I write this, there are people out there plotting and planning to blow something up, to blow somebody up. These things happen in the name of religion or some ‘unjust’ cause that makes people feel that the only way they can get attention is to take the lives of innocent people going about their business.
And, it’s all a waste because whatever terrorists think they are trying to accomplish, it usually falls flat.
No matter how many people get blown up, it is never enough to have any kind of lasting effect.
It’s not a sustainable business model. All it does is make people angry and more determined to root them out and destroy them. Well, maybe that is what they want - suicide by the military or an elite strike force.
I will agree that they make people fearful, but in all instances fear fades. After a while, people return to their normal lives as if nothing happened in the first place, and makes life harder for the next set of terrorists.
Remember how it was after 9/11?
People were afraid to fly. People were afraid to even drive past an airport. You couldn’t take toothpaste, lotion, or liquor on flights ­ you still can’t. It was a mess.
Before you got on a plane, you had to strip down to your underwear, which might be fun for some of the security personnel at airports, but not for passengers.
Airports worldwide are safer now than ever. Well, before Brussels.
So from now forward, security is going to be a lot more stringent, and for the next set of people trying to blow something up, it just got that much harder.
I want to suggest something to the people who fund terrorists. Instead of spending money blowing people up, why not try to build an empire and then use those resources to change the thinking on whatever you think needs changing.
Though, to be fair, their money may be no good where it really counts.
The only way terrorism makes sense to me, is if it is being funded by people from the West who want to make a killing selling more security concepts to people who are fearful of being blown up.
Otherwise, it’s just a grand waste of time.
Look, I guess there is a lot of injustice in the world, but terrorists blowing up things is kind of like a child throwing a temper tantrum. They really achieve nothing and could end up getting a spanking to boot.
I agree that for every terrorist that gets taken down, a few more pop up to take their place, but to me, that’s just dumb. You are going to rise up to get your head blown off or get yourself blown up.
I wish there was a way for those who have gone on before to send messages back to explain that being surrounded by 72 virgins for eternity is not much fun at all.
Maybe then, there would be a cessation to these unnecessary hostilities. If you have issues, that’s not my problem, and that’s certainly not anybody’s else’s, but your own.
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