Men do dumb things for women

April 01, 2016
AP A man leaves the hijacked EgyptAir aircraft from a cockpit window at Larnaca airport in Cyprus on Tuesday.

You know, men do dumb things all the time, but when it comes to women, men do the really dumbest things. Take Seif Eldin Mustafa, for example. He is the fool who hijacked an Egyptian commercial airliner earlier this week and pretended to be wearing a suicide vest, threatening to blow up the plane.

Now, when you first hear about this story, your first reaction is likely to be, "Here we go again, another senseless terrorist attack!" Or, you would probably consider that since he was taking hostages, he probably wanted money or some political prisoner released, or something like that.

But no! What did Seif Eldin Mustafa want? What did he go through all the trouble of planning this hijacking, getting a fake vest, and actually going through with it for? He needed to speak with his estranged wife to whom he hadn't spoken or seen for 24 years.

Now, you tell me; if a woman, the mother of your children, doesn't speak to you for more than two decades, I think we can safely say that relationship is over. It ain't gonna happen. That ship has sailed. It's also safe to say that this is more than just a hint that she isn't that into you.

The woman at the centre of attention, Marina Paraschou, told a newspaper that, "The seven years I was married to him was the darkest chapter in both mine and my family's life." Apparently, he thought that she was having the time of her life even though she deliberately dropped off his radar for a generation.




This is why I refer to him as a fool. What could it be that made him so desperate to see this woman after all this time? It could not be love because we all know that when a woman leaves you and has stopped loving you, there is no chance in hell of you getting her back. You could be loving her like how Romeo loved Juliet, if two decades have passed and she doesn't write, call, or send a message via bottle in the sea or carrier pigeon, move on.

The other reason I call him a fool is because I want to know what would be the after-plan had he seen his wife? After he convinced the authorities that they should find the woman and convince her to come see him (primarily for the well-being of the passengers being held hostage), what exactly was the plan?

What did he expect to happen next?

Basically, what he did is going to result in him spending the rest of his miserable life in prison. What will he do when he next gets the urge to see her (not that she will ever come to see him again)?

I have seen men borrow their friends' clothes, cars, and pretend to be rich so that they could get a girl. I have also seen men stalk girls who had no interest in them. I have seen men spend their month's salary trying to impress a girl and then starve until the next pay cheque. But I have never, before this week, heard of anything like a man hijacking a plane just so he could get the attention of a woman to whom he was clearly dead.

And, that, for me, is just really dumb.

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