All now dem nuh know seh……

April 07, 2016

Woooiiieeeee!!! Waa gwaan TamFam? Bless up all Tambourine Radio listeners. An big up all who naa walk an a obeah ppl. Some a unu fi tap ih foolishniss! Anyways, mix-up tun up ova ya a Obama Lan. Dis week is all about di ting "all now dem nuh know seh ... ." Read up di supm dem weh people have fi say weh dem fren, ex-fren an gingeration nuh know bout. LOL!





Raga, all now my fren nuh know seh mi know seh shi thief mi panty. De girl thief mi panty and tell mi seh mi lef it pon the same cart mi buy it from and at de end a de day mi catch her a riva a swim inna de same panty wah shi thief from mi. Ragga she neva memba bout de panty an all now mi nuh seh a ting to har.

Raga, all now my ex-friend don't know say the reason her grandfather left a piece of land for me is not because she and I have been childhood friends, but because I buss him off a piece on a Christmas night.

Bombaat star! Da dash out deh mus did slap weh! Mek grandpa sen on some lan' right away! Waaaiiieee! Wen gyal good gyal good!




Raga, all now mi matey no nuh know seh mi fren r pan Facebook to watch out her page and see who she a bun r husband wid so I could tell him she is no saint. Matey gal u look good, mi just sorry seh mi cah fully take weh u man, cause him refuse to sleep out. Mi a like up u pics, but a just watch mi a watch out u thing.

My girl yuh broite eeh - a tek di woman husband an tun roun a call di wife yuh matey. Nooo sah!




Ragashanti, all now my brother don't no say I have been sleeping with his wife for five years while him deh a America on farm work, and one a di twin son dem might be mine because him look like mi bad. Me and me brother been in hot water for 10 years. He is older than me and we never get along because he took away my childhood girlfriend and use to act like his instrument bigger than mine. But now mi a get the hotta part of the cake because mi a sort out him wife and a sleep in his king size bed when he is away.

Hush bro, mi sorry but mi like it ... one blood brother. One day I will confess to u. Mi love u wife, though, we might affi go share her cause she have emotional connection to me. Big up yourself in Canada. Hope it not cold because I have your live blanket. See you soon.

Peace Raga.




Raga, all now me ex-friend no know seh the time when me did deh overseas and me man did horny and me send her go sort him out, as she gone him call me and say me nuffi send her back a him yard cause har supm too big. And every minute she a ask me if she can go back go swipe him big ting, me haffi a make up excuse cause she kyaah go back deh. And all now me ex-friend don't know what me man say bout her.




Raga, all now me ex-friend no know seh when I was in Jamaica, her man a farrin use to send me money. Raga, I met her through my friends so we party together, etc. I met her man on BlackBerry Messenger. Raga, a after me start get me US$200 them me find out, and me never stop collect because di boy deh foreign an me n her a never fren long time.




Raga, all now my ex-fren nuh kno sey mi guh visit har man (at di time) a jail n jerk him off cause she wudn't dweet wen wi went to look for him together. Mi nah lie, mi did sorry fi him. No, mi never want him, jus in case u did a wonda.

Yuh neva waan yuh fren man weh did inna jail, but tru yuh sorry fi him, yuh goh behind har back an visit har man a jail an jerk off him ting? Jah know star .... dead mi a dead!

Well a it dat fi dis week peeps. Sen mi unu mix-up dem at See unu nex week same place yah soh. Bless up unu self.

Road Up!

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