Child killers are monsters

April 29, 2016

The whole world knows by now that I have a four-year-old child that I love dearly. I also have a 14-year-old who is not into the mushy stuff, but whom I love just as much. I drew reference to the younger of the two because every time I look at him, hug him, squeeze his little cheeks, or give him a kiss, I am left dumbfounded as to how someone can find it in themselves to deliberately take the life of a child his age.

But in Jamaica today, that seems to be something that is happening all too frequently. Recently, I read a story about a man who beheaded a child because he discovered he wasn't the father. How does one rationalise such evil? Now, this week, there is a story about a three-year-old girl who was found with her throat slashed after her father had threatened to kill her. Just writing that makes me shudder because how in God's name can a man threaten to kill his own three-year-old child?

What kind of animal thinks about killing his offspring?




I don't know if this is a modern phenomenon because these days there is more access to information than ever before. Because of this, more news filters out now about the evil that men are capable of. But even so, regardless of the era, there is something terribly wrong when a man can kill an innocent child, who at three years old, could not harm a soul if she tried.

There has been talk that some of these heinous acts are stemming from the superstitions of people involved in the lottery scam. The talk says these criminals are offering up human sacrifices so as to be protected from their enemies and the police. If this is to be believed, then we have degenerated a thousand years to a time when man engaged in bloody sacrifice in the hope of a better tomorrow.

Just recently, scientists found the body of a 13-year-old child preserved in ice for hundreds of years who was believed to have been sacrificed to appease the Gods of the Indian tribe to which she belonged. I find it incredible that hundreds of years in the future, man, armed with so much more knowledge, is still engaged in these gory undertakings.




When I saw the picture of the little child murdered this week, I feared for my boy. What if someone decided to sacrifice him? What would I do? How would I react? How would I deal with the loss of my precious little trooper?

I really don't like what some of the people in this country are becoming : bloodthirsty and ignorant, greedy, and uncaring.

These days, it seems it's all about money and things. Lives don't matter anymore. Three-year-old lives even less so.

I wonder what the father - if he is the one who killed her - is feeling right now. I wonder if he is missing the softness of her skin, the warmth he felt when he hugged her, the gentle caress of her breath when she laughs as he holds her in his arms.

I also wonder if he hugged or kissed her in the three short years she was on this Earth. Thinking about it, I bet he did not. He couldn't have. Because how could a man who did all of these things then turn around and murder her in such a cold and callous manner?

My belief is that he is not a man, but a monster.

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