Rules for dating a single mother

May 03, 2016

Motherhood is hands down the most wonderful, hardest, most thankless job that any human being can do. A mother is expected to always think about her children first, sometimes sacrificing of her own needs. When a mother has the love and support of her partner, it makes the job of motherhood a little easier, and the child benefits from having both parents present. We live in a

society where single-parent families are quite prevalent, and most times that parent is the mother. So, many single women are also mothers, and dating a single mother comes with a different set of rules and expectations. So here are some of the rules to consider when dating a single mother:



Her child will always come first


If you require a woman that gives you her undivided attention all the time, perhaps you should not date a single mother. Her priority is her child, so his/her needs will always come first. So you are staying over at her house with the hope of having sexy time. If her child is restless and wants to stay with 'Mommy', then your plans will have to change.


She's not just looking for a



good time, she wants partner


A single mother is not dating for the fun of it, she's trying to find someone to share her life with. She's not just looking for someone suitable for her, she's also thinking about how you will fit with her children. Her life is not just about her, so she's not just about having fun.


She is a part of



a package deal


Like it or not, her family has already started, and if you are not ready to be a part of it, then don't start a relationship with her.


She has to have a



relationship with the father of her child



(good, bad, or indifferent)


Some persons will have a problem with their new partner maintaining a relationship with their ex. Some go as far as asking for contact to be

severed altogether. For a single mother, this is a problem because she is still co-parenting with her ex, so they have to keep in touch.


It matters how her child



feels about you


It's highly unlikely that a mother will still date you if her child dislikes you. So you are not only trying to woo her, but her child as well. Bear in mind that how the child feels about you can make or break your chances with the mother.


Dear Dr Sexy-Ann

When me and my boyfriend have sex I can feel his penis rubbing against my vagina, and sometimes it burns and I feel chafed. What can I do to feel a little more comfortable?


Dear Renee,

Sounds to me like you need to use some lubricant during intercourse. Sometimes because we have on fans and air conditioning the vagina can lose some of its lubrication. Remember to use a water-based lubricant when you use condoms. Have fun and stay sexy.

Dr Sexy-Ann

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