Big-up all the real fathers


June 20, 2016

Though we live largely matriarchal society, I can't overstate the importance of fathers in the lives of children. They provide that anchor and balance needed that a mother, no matter how great she is, cannot necessarily fill.

The term 'my mother who fathered me' speaks to the strength, resilience and tenacity of many women who have to double up and play the role of both parents. Though this is commendable and I salute these heroines, I must acknowledge that a mother can't fulfill the role of a father in the true sense of the word. There are limitations which mothers will face by virtue of their make-up and design. It's challenging for a mother to single-handedly teach her children masculine attributes and characteristics.

A father should be his son's first hero and his daughter's first love. Many may underestimate the impact that an absentee father has on children, but we nuh haffi look far just pree our society today. Nuff pickney stray because dem a seek love, attention and affection in the wrong places. Some because that authoritative figure isn't there to reinforce and maintain the discipline because the truth is that Mommy is doing so much by herself that she's going to have shortfalls in some areas.

fathers matter

Many young girls look to 'big man' because they didn't have a father to give them love and show them love, so the first place they received it or what look, like love, they gravitated towards, not realising that many of these men are predators. Many boys don't respect authority, get involved in badness and are rebellious because the father was not there to guide, nurture and reassure them.

Fathers matter! It is important to be a provider and an example to your children. It is very important to provide financially for a child, but it is not the only way a father can play his role. Sometimes, just his presence and involvement in the child's life makes a difference. When a child will forget a gadget or a 'hype sneakers' that a father bought, the memories created and shared last forever.

Many men and women are now damaged because their father was not present or ill-treated them as children. Some suffer from all kinds of psychological 'daddy issues' because the man who was integral in bringing them into the world upped and left, many times with no explanation or reason.

Fatherhood is not about hype and style. It is a very important privilege that should be respected and honoured. Some man just want fi seh dem have a yute, yet they have no idea how the yute eat, drink, sleep or go to school. Then when the pickney dem tun smaddy inna life dem come a jump up seh "A my seed dat enuh! A my yute dat". But where were you when your child was hungry and needed fatherly love or advice?! Mi a look pon social media yesterday and I'm sure some a di man dem who post a the first dem a see the child since the start of the year and dem not going back for the child 'til Father's Day 2017! Dem a old poser! Mi ignarant fi di man dem who want to only be a father at their convenience! Anno so it work!

I want to salute all the Super Dads who go above and beyond for their children. Sadly often times they get overlooked or overshadowed by the dead beat dads but we must strive to highlight those extraordinary fathers so that others can see and emulate. Fathers matter!


Mi know seh some man feel like a suck out bag juice yesterday as they had no grounds on which to celebrate Father's Day or be celebrated by their children and family. Some a di 'donor' dem supposed to want bury dem face when dem look and see other men being acknowledged, loved and appreciated for being a real and true father.

Big up di man dem weh step up to the plate and rise to the ocassion and take care of children that dont biologically belong to them. Big up to di man dem who don't spite the children because dem and the mother have differences. Big up to di man dem who nah neglect dem baby school fee and lunch money and deh a dance a buy dear liquor and a buy Brazilian hair fi put inna gal head!

Big up di real fadda dem who put dem children first and ensure dem set a good foundation for their children. If yuh know yuh nah treat yuh pickney good make a change today so dat next year yuh can be inna di Super Dad segment!!

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