What do kids do for the summer?


July 08, 2016

Summer is here and man, the place is hot!

It's so hot I don't need to use my water heater anymore, and when you step out of the shower at night, you can almost let the hot air dry your body. The clothes I put on feel like they have just been ironed and the bed feels like you're sleeping on a hot plate. And fans don't make much sense because all they do is move around the hot air.

In the daytime it's even worse. It's too hot to be outside, and for the kids on summer holidays when you're inside, there isn't much to do. I mean, there are only so many video games they can play before they get bored, or only so many movies they can watch because they're driven stir crazy.

This is what got me thinking about what kids do for the summer holiday these days? I mean, what exactly is out there for them to do? If your parents are rich, you can always 'fly out', but what if you are not? What if you're a parent living on minimum wage and your kids are unable to find a summer job?

Kids are out for roughly eight weeks. That's just over 50 days, and if you live in the city, there is Emancipation Park, Devon House, or the beach somewhere. That's three days. What do you do for the remainder of the time? Hope Zoo? I don't know because I am not sure how many single parents can afford it.

Summer school? Yea, but I am not really a fan of summer school. Your kids are at school for nine months of the year. They need a change of scenery or else they could go crazy. Besides, they need a break from some of these teachers these days - and the teachers from them.

There are, it seems, very few organised events for children, and that has me thinking that we are not a very children-friendly society. As my wife puts it, if you are a single mother on minimum wage, how do you cope?

Invariably, what happens is that kids are forced to take on so much responsibility at an early age that they lose their childhood. They are forced to be adults before they are ready, and that's really sad.

We always wonder why kids these days seem so grown up all the time. That is perhaps one reason why. Another is that all there seems to be for kids these days are parties, where they are encouraged to behave like perverts grinding up on each other with a kind of primal intensity that I can honestly say scares me.

Kids in the country have a better time of it, I feel. There are rivers to swim in, trees to climb, caves to explore, and I just feel there is much more relative freedom for them. Less traffic; for now, fewer criminals; and closer-knit communities, which makes for more harmonious living.

That being said, it is time that there are more organised events for kids each summer. Yes, there are summer camps, but there needs to be more done for kids whose parents are struggling but who would like to be able to raise their kids well but are unable to because of a lack of resources.

If we are to have a future, then we need to start looking out more for our kids, not just individually, but also as a community.

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