Gold digger a milk mi friend!


July 14, 2016

Waa gwaan TamFam? Bless up unu self. Greetings as usual fram Obama Lan. Bless up all Tambourine Radio and, Ragashanti Live listeners. Concrete spec. No hitching....pree dem wedding mix-up ya:

Souvenir Tief

Mix-up big-up to one of my friends who got married nine years ago. When the crystal dolphins souvenirs were sharing out, they were four short. Three months later, the groom went to look for his sister with his wife, and there, lo and behold, two pairs each of the crystal dolphins souvenirs were on both of her side tables. The groom just take them up and tell his wife him ready. Then they called up all who never get any souvenirs and give them.

Wrenking Bride

Raga, I have a drama to give you today. My sister-in-law (wife's sister) was at a wedding last weekend in Rochester, New York, where the bridal party was in all black and the bride was in white. The bride took one hour and 45 minutes to come out and when the pastor said, "You may kiss the bride," she pushed his head away. He tried again and she pulled away. Eventually, she gave him a quick one. At the wedding reception, they had to force people to give a toast. Most of his co-workers left, because the bride never put names on the table or had enough tables for the amount of people he invited.

They weren't getting married for papers. She has a kid for him. I was told she is just crazy and his family told him not to marry her. She never want him to have his family there. It was awkward.

Gold-digger a milk mi friend

Raga, I have a friend who is totally in love with this girl. The girl is pretty, but she is evil. She is sleeping around with men who give her a lot of material things. When my friend asks her where she gets the things, she say they are from her rich girlfriends, and he believes her. Her girlfriends, are not rich, they are just like her. They are party girls who love to wear expensive clothes and shoes. My friend is so overcome with her prettiness that he is stupid. They have been dating for over a year and he asked her to marry him. She said no, she is not the marrying type. He kept on asking her to marry him. She told him that if he buys her a house and a car she will marry him. My friend bought her a brand-new Benz and a house for them to live in. He's making payments on the car and the house.

At the wedding reception, she spent the whole time laughing with her girlfriends. On the wedding night, she went away with the car to go celebrate with her girlfriends. We think she went to be with a man. My friend doesn't think so and doesn't think anything is wrong with what she did. Now, he says she is saying if he really loves her as his wife he should secure her by putting the car and the house only in her name. My friend say he's thinking about it. LOL.

Yuh fren is a damn eediat who frighten fi pretty looks an front. Dat gyal is jus a tekka who ketch a fool an a milk him. But him wi learn like everybaddy else.

Awright TamFam, a legoomentz ya now. Sen mi un drama dem at

See unu same place ya soh nex Thursday. Bless up unu self.


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