Why so much domestic murder-suicide?


July 18, 2016

After watching the news on Friday night and getting notifications on social media about the murder-suicide, downtown, the Tivoli upheaval, and the number of lives lost on our nation's streets, a sheet of sadness came over me. To see and hear these tragedies unfolding before our very eyes, one really has to wonder if di world gone mad! Nowadays, grief and sadness just dash out everywhere, and though we may not know the individuals personally, we empathise with them.

Mi seh when mi hear bout the murder-suicide mi a seh a lie. Nutten cyaa go so. The man couldn't really so heartless fi go a the woman workplace inna broad daylight and commit such a dastardly act in front a so many people. Lo an behold the news was confirmed and mi a talk the truth weh God love mi feel sad and angry same time. Why the man dem a kill off the woman dem then kill themself?! Woman cyaa decide fi leave a man again without her life in jeopardy?! If a woman deh wid a man and unhappy or just doesn't want to be with him anymore, does that mean her precious life will be taken from her? What about her children? What about her family? What about her right to leave a relationship that she feels is unfulfilling?

psychological explanation

Only a weak and coward animal (cause no human being cyaa do dem something deh) would think to execute the mother of his child or children and a woman who he has shared years with. There are some who may offer psychological explanation and analysis, but as far as me concern, nothing no wrong wid nuff a dem more than dem allow Satan to run their lives! Nuff a dem a Lucifer personified and come to destroy people's lives! Mi no care how much car, house, land, or whatever material things acquired throughout the relationship, nothing gives a man the right to slaughter a woman like that.

Mi notice an increase of these murder-suicides and it is frightening. Sometimes the likkle house an car weh dem a kill people good gal pickney over can stay! Mi sure seh no 10-storey house, yatch, or billions no involve, so wah dat fah??!!


I find it so appalling that people can be together for 10, 15, and 20 years and still be so heartless towards each other like dem never had any love for the person. But then again, love and obsession are two different kettles of fish! Obession is not love. Control is not love.

Hurt and deception do not amount to love. Yuh can imagine children left behind from these kinds of incident? How traumatised they must be to lose, in most instances, both parents! Di man dem haffi start think about these things. When a relationship comes to an end, it can be extremely painful, especially if you have invested a lot, but it doesn't behoove anyone to take another person's life.

Furthermore, if woman did fi start kill man and commit suicide no man wouldn't lef because all three or four women would be killing one man! Inna some man case, all seven woman woulda deal wid him! It is important not to take threats lightly. Though it may seem trivial, it is important to inform the police.

Nuff woman love hide up bad treatment weh some a dem dutty man yah have dem under. Don't do it! Tell friends, family, members or someone who can counsel and intervene if you feel threatened. It nuh mek sense yuh hide it up, and then when di atoclapse happen everybody a go seh "if mi did know".

There is life after a break-up. It will take time to rebound and get back on track, but it will happen. No one can control what an individual chooses to do with his own life, but leave the woman dem out of unnu wicked, dirty equation and mek dem prosper! When yuh can replace vanity, a life taken cannot be replaced. Men, strong up, and women, wise up! There must be a better way!

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