Ex-man hide and watch me have sex

July 21, 2016

Bless up all Tamfammers. Big up all Ragashanti Live and Tambourine Radio listeners. Nuff love. Right away we a step up inna di mixup dem.





Psychotic Ex


Hi Raga, the strangest thing that has happened to me is with my ex. When I tried to leave him he stalked me and hid in the parking lot at my job.

One day when I opened my car he ran in there with a knife at his throat and said he would kill himself if I didn't take him back!

He called my mom and other family members and cried and said a lot of crazy things. He even wanted me to keep him with my new boyfriend.

Raga, he was psychotic! I have never seen a big man behave that way.


Missa hide an' watch


Ok, afternoon Raga. The craziest thing that eva happen to me was when I was younger and used to deh wid a older, in the streets man, for four years.

Basically, I was one of his side chicks but eventually I got tired of him and wanted to break it off with him, which I did. I went my way and didn't speak to or see him for about four months. By then I started seeing my now 14-year-old's father.

One night I went to a club and met up with my daughter's father and we went back to my place after the club. We had this steaming hot sex that included everything and every position. It literally lasted for like three hours!

As soon as we finish, my ex, the older guy, popped out of my closet and wanted to shoot my daughter's father.

It was a horrible summer to remember the war between them.

Also my daughter's father made a song asking if it's a shirt or pants in the closet, and buss the song at a stage show in front a him and his wife and the whole community. It was so embarrassing.


Royal Prank


Raga, when mi jus come a England young and naÔve mi did know one bwoy from back home but him did born a England.

One day him text me and tell mi fi call him pan one strange number. Him say mi fi call the number and ask for Elizabeth and she will come get him.

Raga, mi call the number mi hear somebody answer me. I got distracted but mi assume seh a receptionist a say them greetings so mi jus butt in and seh inna mi good new posh English accent ... can I speak to Elizabeth please. Mi kinda hear the receptionist seh something bout security but seriously mi couldn't hear good and the fone hang up so mi call back and get a recording about the serious breach of security.

Raga, to bax cova, you nuh know seh a Buckingham Palace mi did a call and style up the queen as Elizabeth.

Raga, mi start bawl and dash weh the phone chip, mi think MI5 was gonna come find me. Mi fret whole night. It was a prank that was going around then and the bwoy ketch mi wid it. Brite me a style up the queen as Elizabeth.

Dwl. Yuh shoulda seh "Yeow Lizzy ... a wa di pree? Weh yuh deh pon? A weh di rave deh likkle more?? A who yaa goh dash out pon layta??" Den dem woulda really come fi yuh. Lol.

Awright peeps. Leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com See unu same place ya soh nex Thursday. Bless.


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