People need to think for themselves

July 29, 2016

I have often hit out about people who avoid knowledge, or people who prefer to remain ignorant, choosing instead to remain in the dark about most things, if not all things.

For a long while, I always believed that too many Jamaicans are ignorant of too many things. They allow people to control them because they prefer not to think for themselves. What happens instead is that people tell them what to think and when to think it. And that's never good.

This level of ignorance also manifests itself in part in what we are now seeing with the stupidity being portrayed in the dancehall with people pulling each other around in buckets and crashing building blocks onto their pelvises and all that.


Lack of discipline


The ignorance that is becoming so very pervasive also manifests itself in other ways as well. The way we drive on the roads, the way we treat people who are different, and the general lack of discipline we display each and every day.

Why do I link ignorance to the boorish behaviour? Well, I believe that if we had a true understanding of how our behaviour holds us back then I truly think we would behave better and treat people with respect.

But as bad we have been, what has been happening in the United Kingdom and the United States with Brexit and the run-up to the presidential elections in November makes what is happening here seem like child's play.

First of all, a whole bunch of people voted for the United Kingdom to break away from the European Union claiming that they wanted to regain control of their country. They were also concerned about the number of immigrants coming into the country, taking their jobs and committing crime. Taken in isolation you would believe that before the immigrants started coming in there was no crime committed by Britons.


Major currencies


The bigotry only came to light in a major away after the country, voted by a majority of more than a million people, to exit the Union. Polish immigrants and other non-British groups were being attacked, abused and told to go back to their country. The older folk claimed they wanted things to go back to the way they were.

Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for. The Pound when compared to other major currencies is now at its lowest value in more than decade, businesses are moving to other places in Europe, and recent reports suggest that the British economy is beginning to contract, raising fears of a depression.


Ignorant 'dunce'


The most interesting part of all this is that many of whom voted for Brexit were only understanding what it actually was after their votes have been cast. So, basically, ignorant 'dunce' people have pretty much ruined their country.

The same could be happening in the US where one Donald Trump is threatening to win the presidential elections in November by appealing to a mass of people who are either too ignorant to see through his empty rhetoric or too bigoted to care.


Human rights


Trump has based his campaign on making America great again. In the minds of many of his supporters that could very well mean a return to the days of slavery or a time when people of colour were denied basic human rights. Greater yet is the threat of a world war because Trump strikes me as a bully who would blow up a country just to prove that he can.

As the so-called "leader of the free world" Trump is not the man you want near any red button that is connected to any nuclear weapon. But based on the amount of ignorant people rallying around him, including black people who seem to have completely lost their marbles, him becoming president is a very real possibility.

So, between what has happened in the United Kingdom and what could in the US, the world can finally see how dangerous being dunce can be. And just in case you're slow, let me break it down. Dunce can actually destroy the world.

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