Jamaica dodges another storm


August 03, 2016
Perhaps a signal that Jamaica was about to experience tropical storm conditions in August, gusty winds came in from the nearby sea and the heavens opened up, forcing motorists to proceed with caution.

Like every other Jamaican, I heard that the Meteorological Service of Jamaica issued a tropical storm watch and then upgraded it to a warning, and my heart took a dip and shudder like when aeroplane passing through turbulence. Yeah, folks, I started thinking about Noah and the Ark, and I went into panic and prayer mode same time. How about you? After all, it's been quite a while since the island faced the full frontal force of a major storm or hurricane, and I feared that with how we flying into God's face with the increase in immorality, violence and bloodletting, this one might just hit us hard to send a warning.

As usual, the lines at the money transfer outlets started to look longer as folks in foreign got busy sending disaster relief top-ups to add to the Independence money they were already sending. People quickly started battening down windows left, right and centre, and began clearing drains and repairing roofs like there was no tomorrow. And of course, the merchants made an extra killing as panic-stricken people stocked up on storm supplies, bottled water and canned foods.

But it look like wi miss it again. Thank God. Yes, my peeps, at the time of writing this, the news from the weather people said there will still be some extreme weather like heavy rains and thunderstorms and such, but the tropical storm is basically passing south of Jamaica. So, relief, relief! It look like, yet again, Jamaica just dance and dodge outta di way of the approaching storm and shout, 'slip, yuh fool!' like one flexible primary school pickney dodging the ball during a hot game of 'Dandy-Shandy'. Whether you see it as good luck or blessings, it seems that once again, we might be able to brave the storms and escape the worst. I'm cautiously thankful. But I'm also slightly concerned.


What concerning me? I'm just worried about the possibility that we may become too cocky and confident as we get accustomed to the emerging pattern of almost getting knocked, but always miraculously escaping at the last minute. 'We safe because Jamaica is a God-bless place', we love to say. As far as I see it, yeah, the land itself may be blessed, but from what we see on the streets and hear in the news, dis blessed land full of some wicked reprobate, nuh true?

We are blessed, yes, but Jah know, I fear that we may start to take the little blessings for granted and fall into the dangerous trap of complacency to the extent that we may start to treat the weather bulletins like an annoying boy crying wolf, and stop taking the necessary precautions. Yes, Iyah, I fear that when we are least prepared is when we may get the wickedest knock, so we have to continue to be vigilant and nuh stop tek stock. As old-time people say, 'young bud nuh know storm, and when 'chicken merry, hawk deh near', so take care. And as the heavy rains continue falling and the rough breeze keep blowing, remain indoors, keep warm and stay high and dry. Oh, and give a thought and helping hand to the folks who literally live outta door.


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