Woman tek her best fren husban'

August 04, 2016

Waa gwaan TamFam? Big up all Tambourine Radio an 'Ragashanti Live' listeners. Di mixup dem up ya inna Obama Lan a kick up an a gallang bad. Medz da one ya:


Unnu ketch da one yah! Yuh have three woman who a bes fren ... mek we call dem A, B and C. And wen mi say bes fren, mi mean bes, bes, bes fren. Di three a dem did married and all three have children. Di way how dem close dem have play dates regula, weh di whole a dem meet up and all a di pickney dem play togeda. And get dis ... all a di pickney dem call all three mothers "mom". Yeah, a da level a heavy-duty closeness deh.

Anyways, one a dem, mek we say A, get divorce fram har husband. Suh dat lef ongle B and C still married. One day, A call B and tell har she want har fi come ova cause she waan talk to har bout supm important. Right away B say, 'OK, mi a guh call C and di two a we come ova.' But den A tell B not fi call C cause a she alone she waan talk to. Suh B go ova A fi hear wa she have fi say.

Afta B reach, A tell har say she meet a new man weh mek har happy an dat di man have everyting she has always wanted in a man. B did happy fi har. Den A explain further say di man is a married man though. B den start to ask A why she gone deh suh wid married man? Worse, how di married man nah guh lef him wife fi har?

But di prekeh neva done deh suh. A den drop a bomb pon B wen she tell har say di married man weh she deh wid a dem oda bes fren husband! Yeah, A a tek C husband! Or, fi mek we balance up di ting, anedda way fi say it, is dat C husband a saaka-saaka him wife bes fren, who is A.

B get bex wid A and start done har, say she violate wicked pon C. Di way how B bex, she immediately start stay wide fram A. B den guh to fi har husband and tell him say she waan guh tell C wah A a do wid har husband. But B husband tell har no, and say she mus stay outa di mix-up and doan get involved.

Anyways, fram before B know waa gwaan, di whole a dem did plan fi goh Grace Jerk Festival, a big year-to-year event up yah a New York. But afta B husband find out waa gwaan, him say him naa bada go Jerk Festival and did advise him wife not fi go. B go anyway, but wen she reach and see how A a laugh up wid C same way like bes fren, and how everybaddy jus happy togeda a nyam up chicken an a beat juice unda one big tree, everybaddy including C husband, B jus couldn't manij di almshouse and say she nah tarry, and jus cut. B jus bex bad say one bag a pluckery a gwaan gainst C an nobaddy nah tell har.

Additionally, B explain say she tink di reason A start tek har bes fren C husband is because outa di three a dem, C a di ongle one weh nuh work because di husband tek care a har like wow. Yeah, C husband treat har like more dan a queen, she well provided for and get the best a everyting. An dats why wen B did ask A if she nuh see say wa she a do a wickedness, A did respond say C husband have all di qualities she has always wanted in a man fi mek har happy, and therefore she nuh see "nuttin wrong" wid weh she a do.

As mi say, B mek we inna di TamFam know bout di drama an it mek a whole heap a Tamfammers bex bad. Most people tink A evil and wicked bad. And others say even though it is the three wives and not the husbands who share the incredible friend bond, dem also believe C husband wicked and evil too fi a tek him wife bes fren.

Drama pon drama!! A dem tings yah a gwaan a farrin.

Awright, a leggomentz ya now. Sen mi di tings dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. See unu nex Thursday, same place yah suh inna THE STAR.


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