Living in a crazy, crazy world!

September 28, 2016

Look yah, nuh! Dis world yah a mad me. Right about now, I feel like I want to book a quick flight and take even a temporary trip to that wonderful little place called crazy. You coming?

Hey, talk the truth. Don't you wish you could really take a break from this reality sometimes? Don't know about you, but I definitely do. Mi nah lie! Happenings in the world nowadays just feel like pickney days and all of the adults dem missing in action and di pickney dem get wild.

Is like the playing field suddenly get too full, and the game get too rough and hard and confusing, and all rules and standards and care fi safety get wash weh dung a gully and the screaming and chaos so suffocating that you feel like either cry 'cree' or just run weh and nuh baddah play. Yeah, a dem vibes deh me a pree.

The way earth a move nowadays like a defective minibus heading downhill too fast, more time mi just feel fi jump off. Yeah, peeps! Sometimes the noise and frenzy too loud, yah man. Sometimes the traumas and dramas - whether real, imagined, on-the-streets, or online - seem so intense mi just want shout out, "One stop, driver!", and take a quick exit because right now, the madness up to the limit.

A young Manning Cup footballer dies suddenly and the gut-wrenching tragedy is compounded by the insensitivity of somebody posting his death certificate on social-media platforms before the grieving parents even see it. Madness!

A charismatic and influential religious leader is found guilty of perverting the course of justice after famously caught travelling with a fugitive. Now, after dozens of newspaper articles and letters to the editor from commentator for and against, and after a press conference where interrogation was not really heartily encouraged, there are still more questions than answers. Weird.


People in Jamaica who don't even own a passport and may never ever qualify for even a visa to Ocho Rios are busy spending every waking hour arguing passionately and generally obsessing over the US presidential elections, while gunshots seem to be blazing daily in Montego Bay and dem don't give a damn. Crazy, nuh true?

And then, there's Etana! The roots reggae singer was recently interviewed by Anthony Miller on his popular Entertainment Report show on TVJ and, to put it simply, she spoke ill-advisedly. She shared opinions that are far from popular and has been roundly chastised. The crazy-funny part for me, though, is to see the number of Jamaicans who are threatening to punish the young woman for not seeing eye to eye with them by boycotting her shows and dumping her records.

Crazy and funny because these are some of the same people who will swear loyalty, allegiance, and unconditional love to male artistes who are found guilty of heinous crimes. These are also some of the same people who will vehemently insist that it's unfair when international LGBT activists force the cancellation of appearances by Jamaican dancehall acts because they disagree with interpretations of the artistes' lyrics. Tell me say dat nuh crazy!

What's also inexplicably insane is the frequency with which black men are being killed in the streets in that great big 'land of the free and home of the brave'. Trust me, if I see another online video of police brutalising black people in the US, I might burst a blood vessel. Imagine, the US, who act as the prefect, hall monitor, dean of discipline, and police for the whole world, and nuh romp fi sanction other countries for human rights violations, is now facing pressure from the UN over its failure to put a halt to police brutality. Well, if that's not approaching crazy, maybe I've already arrived!

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