Seeking Ms Right, finding Ms Wrong

October 04, 2016

In my last column, I spoke about some of the men that women find unattractive and they do not choose. In the interest of fairness, and for the purpose of a complete analysis, I am going to look at the women who make it hard to share a life in a relationship. For the most part, women are usually accommodating and willing to compromise in relationships, that's why it's usually easier for her to be the one deciding whether or not she wants to be in the relationship.

There are some women, however, who are really pieces of work and they can be so negative that they turn perfectly good men into monsters. Beyond that, in conducting my own little survey, I asked 50 men what are the attributes they simply will not put up with in a woman? Based on their responses I have decided to highlight a few of their top answers:


The Nag


This woman likes when she asks her man to do something, he moves right away. If he takes too long, she reminds him and reminds him and reminds him, and reminds him until he just does it to get her to stop nagging. Sometimes she does not realise that she's being a nag. From her perspective, she's doing something nice.


The Know-It-All


Some women are very smart and some of them can come across as being a know-it-all, because they don't allow their men to move in their own time. Men and women communicate differently and for most men, they are problem solvers. They don't want to sit and discuss the problem at length - he just wants to solve it. So when a woman is going to sit her man down and give him detailed instructions on how to solve a problem - especially if he feels he already knows what to do - he will be very annoyed.


The Independent Woman


For a lot of men, the independent woman is the reason why families have been destroyed - the traditional role of the woman as homemaker is abandoned when a woman get a career and starts making her own money. They really find it annoying that a woman has her own money, because it feels as if she has no need for him. Our society still requires the main function of a man to be the provider, so if a woman can provide financially for herself, she has effectively made the man obsolete. Most men complain about the attitude of the independent woman because he thinks she is trying to be the 'man' in the relationship, and that does not work.


The Siren (wah wah wah)


As soon as 'the siren' meets a new man, she starts begging - she wants this she wants that, she wants everything - hence the name. This type of woman is usually very materialistic and typically goes for the man that she can ask for what she wants. It's a double-edged sword, though, because sometimes getting what she wants comes at a high cost - one that she sometimes cannot afford.


The Entitled Woman


The 'entitled woman' has very specific requirements of her partner. She expects him to look a certain way, have a certain amount of wealth, spend a certain amount of that wealth on her - and does not accept anything less. This woman is used to a specific lifestyle and she will not compromise those ideals at all, so any man interested in her must be willing to live up to her expectations.

In a world where divorce rates continue to climb, marriages are reducing and so many adults are deciding to remain single, it seems like men and women are drifting farther apart. With the varying standards from both men and women, will the sexes ever get out of their ways long enough to form a successful unions? Ultimately, the family unit has evolved and individuals continue to seek that perfect balance to find ultimate happiness and, unfortunately, that may not include the perfect partner. So what attribute do you possess that will make you unattractive to your ideal partner?

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