Expressing love doesn't mean you are weak


November 08, 2016

Love is a funny word, and it influences very interesting reactions from individuals, especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

In a world where it seems many persons are focused on making money and surviving, love is practically an afterthought. In the movies from Die Hard to Fast and Furious no matter how busy the characters are or how dire the circumstances, there's always time for love.

Think about it! There could be a bomb about to go off with only four seconds left on the clock, and there's still time for the characters to profess their love and share a passionate goodbye kiss just before the main character diffuses the bomb with one second to spare.

The real question is, do we care enough to make time for love? Or have we become such cynics that we no longer believe in love? For many persons, love is a fantasy and it does not work in real life. As a matter of fact, I have spoken to people who stated that they are not looking for love. They are happy if their 'spirit tek' the person. Intimate relationships seem to have developed into a sort of tolerance rather than love. Is that it? Is that what we have to look forward to? A lifetime where couples just exist together and there's no love?

Is it just me or is that prospect kind of depressing? I recently read a study that asked more than 300 couples their reason for marrying their current spouse, and not surprisingly, the reasons included fear of being alone, financial stability, pregnancy, and logical next step in the relationship, while some said, "at one point, we were in love".

I also read an article where a woman was complaining that her husband never said "I love you." She said that paying the bills every month was an indication of love so it was not necessary for him to state it. Really? He pays the bills so she should be satisfied that he loves her? So the fact that he also benefits from the bills being paid in the house that he lives in is an indication of him loving himself as well?

This belief does not make any sense to me because I am a fan of love I love love. There's no replacement for love. Being responsible is admirable and necessary, but so is love. An expression of love is not just something that should be done out of obligation. It should be something you choose to do because you love someone. So saying the words, 'I love you' does not mean you're weak or stupid or none of the other nonsense excuses I hear.


We spend so much time trying to survive this difficult life that we tend to shove love aside, but I think we need love to help us get through this crazy life. Being able to lean on the one you love through difficult times is one of the most beneficial attributes of being in love. Use it! Let love guide your actions! Indulge in the passion that love invokes, and definitely, enjoy the physical expression of love sex with your partner. Love makes sex better, makes it more meaningful, deep, and just so much more fun. Expressing your love for each other is not an expression of weakness. It is quite the opposite as it celebrates the strength of your union and commitment to each other.

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