I'm just cruising!


November 09, 2016

What a gwaan peeps? Look here nuh, I have to really take time out to thank God for the bounty of goodness that continues to fall on me, undeserving though I may be. Even if my bank book or gas tank deh pon E, my heart is powered by a tank full of thankfulness. Yeah, man, a me say mek monkey-face and cut eye after stressing, and smile sweetly while embracing blessing!

As I'm writing this I'm sailing the high seas on a cruise ship. Yes, friends and family, I'm here on the beautiful Carnival Sensation frolicking, feasting and flossing as if I can afford it. I'm here among hundreds of happy people enjoying the annual Four Seasons Party Cruise, and mi nah lie, I'm having the time of my life. I'm meeting new friends, making new fans and rekindling wonderful memories as I buck up old friends from high school. The activity-packed cruise set sail from the Miami Port and takes us to Amber Cove, Grand Turk and the Dominican Republic with non-stop entertainment.

It is five days of awesome adventure, family-friendly enjoyment and top-class entertainment. There's tantalising theatre featuring 'I Need to Know My Father' by Marcia Brown Productions out of Toronto and the celebrated one-woman show 'Jamaica Farewell' by Debra Ehrhardt. There's also magical music featuring The Manhattans, Richie Stephens, Mr Vegas, Glen Washington, Anthony Malvo, and more. Then there's belly-busting comedy from Ity and Fancy Cat and yours truly. And there are several themed parties, plenty of games, and food, food, food! Yeah, folks, this is an experience in exquisite Epicurean excellence - or to put it simply, di food a say one!

Hear mi nuh man, I know the stresses and challenges that go with the business of entertainment production. Yes, folks, I know it must take serious vision, intelligent planning and impeccable coordinating to not only pull off the event, but guarantee satisfaction. So I have to commend the promoters Audley and Natalie Atkinson from Atlanta, who have been successfully doing exactly that for 20 years in a row. And they have done it without the support of any corporate sponsor. That, friends, is a stellar achievement.

I'm having so much fun that I nearly forgot that I'm way out in the ocean far away from dry land, and I'm actually supposed to be afraid of too much water. Yeah, the sea and I are not such good friends, and when I think logically, it really seems weird. It is weird, in that I've always been genuinely apprehensive about being on a ship and being surrounded by water because, well, like most Jamaicans, I can't really swim. Yet, I'm totally at ease and relaxed on an airplane even though I can't fly!


Well, I don't think I will learn to fly anytime soon - at least not with this earthly body. But I plan to learn to swim, as all Jamaicans should. Yeah, man, it's kind of shamefully contradictory that we live on a land surrounded by water and most of us can't swim. Yu nuh agree?

Yes, dearly beloved, although this is my first time on a sailing vessel bigger than the Port Royal ferry, I'm really having a great time cruising. In fact, I'm so sold on this event that come next year, whether or not I'm on the entertainment line-up, I intend to be on-board the 21st annual Four Seasons Party Cruise. You want to come join me?


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