A guzum she a put pon him underwear?


November 10, 2016

Woooooiiiiieeeeee!!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Mi deh ya!!

Now watch it deh mek mi bax unu inna unu nastiniss wid da mix-up ya. Inna New York a bredda an a woman a date fi likkle ova a year. Everyting well curry dung wid dem. Because dem a plan fi buy a house togedda dem decide fi move in togedda an save some a di money weh dem woulda a spen fram dem living inna two separate apartments. Dem decide fi di woman move een a di man apartment, partly because di man apartment bigga an nicer, an it easier fi di woman reach har work fram di man apartment.

Anyways, afta di woman move een, di man staat notice a funny sweet smell inna di bathroom. Him ask har bout it an she say she nuh smell nuttin different an dat a mussi di smell-good tings dem weh she use clean in deh. But di smell did still a malice him nose hole. One day him decide fi sniff-sniff an see if him can pinpoint specifically weh inna di bathroom. Lo an behold a him woman panty dem have di smell. Wen him get closer, him seh di smell a di same weh deh pon wreath a funeral!


Di dawg staat pree him woman a way. One day him a prips har inna di showa an notice seh she wash out har underwear, den reach outta di showa an open di cupbard door unda di sink an tek out a purple bakkle. She den spray di panty an den put back di bakkle. Bossy get confused. One, him notice di purple bakkle nuh have nuh label pon it and two, him couldn't undastan why she still did haffi spray it.

Tory come to bump wen one day him a pass har handbag pon a chair an notice sumting wrap up in deh. Him tek time use him han an open it likkle more an confirm seh a him brief inna har bag. Same time him get a whiff a di same smell. Him brief well spray up wid di same purple bakkle sumting.

Bossy ketch him fraid an call him mada. She tell him say him haffi ask him woman. So one night him neatly tell har him did notice him brief inna har bag an him waan know why it did de deh. Him seh she get a little surprised, den gi him a story seh a buy she a goh buy new boxer brief an did jus a bring it a di store as a sample. Den him ask why she haffi spray it wid di purple bakkle sumting, an a wa really inna di bakkle? She seh a jus sumting weh freshen up clothes. Him ask why she ongle use it pon underwear? She seh a ongle underwear it mek fa. Him ask har weh him can get di purple ting fi buy. She seh she get it sen up straight fram har country, Guyana.

Dat was two weeks now an him seh fram dat him an har nuh sort out. Him also seh him nah buy nuh house wid har. Him seh him jus nuh trus har an feel seh she up to some guzum. Him mada tell him seh it look like a obeah. Lawd Jeezas, mi cyaan badda. Di boss seh him a look fi cut.

Awright, a cutmentz ya now. Sen mi sumting at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh inna di STAR. Road!!

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