Trump win will make America worse

November 11, 2016

So the world is still trying to process how and why Donald Trump became president-elect of the US.

Using divisive, discriminatory, and racist rhetoric, Trump sold himself as being anti-establishment and got the bulk of old, rural white voters to turn out in large enough numbers to give him victory. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote picking up 59,236,903 votes, but the Electoral College gave Trump the victory even though fewer people voted for him. On Wednesday night, many disgruntled Clinton voters protested in seven major US cities. Political pundits bashed them, claiming they are marching because their candidate lost and that they must respect the democratic process. I am no expert, but I don't think people are protesting for that reason. I think they are protesting the platform upon which the president-elect was elected.




When Trump came out and said "Let's make America great again", one sensed what he was really saying. The message resonated with older white America, tired of this age of tolerance when minorities have greater voice and a black man was actually president. One commentator remarked that the result was push-back from white America who feel threatened by the rise of minority groups. Leading up to it, the Ku Klux Klan became way more vocal and visible. They endorsed Trump, whose election rallies were attended by large numbers of people who would love to see America return to the days when it was entertainment to hang and burn black people.

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani described Trump's win as the greatest victory since Andrew Jackson, a slave owner who became president in 1767. The racism that existed just below the surface is now overt. Prior to Tuesday, black churches were burnt and swastikas spray-painted on their walls. Swastikas are also showing up everywhere. Black people are also being threatened even more blatantly than before. In a country where more than 160 unarmed black men were killed by police this year, think about how much more vulnerable black people, Muslims, and other minority groups must feel now. A mother of three shared a story on Facebook after the election about intimidation by four white men at a gas station. They said they were "glad they won't have to deal with ni***rs much longer".

This is the kind of thing that many minorities will have to endure. On the economic side, it is just as scary. Trump's policies likely lead into another recession. He plans to cut taxes for the wealthy, which means cutting other things to pay for it. That means the loss of millions of jobs, and, therefore, loss of billions of dollars in remittances to countries like Jamaica. As for global security, he's a short-tempered, vindictive man with access to nuclear codes. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

I get that people are angry at the US establishment. I also get that white Americans are afraid the world is changing and it does not benefit them. But when the country plunges into another recession and access to affordable health care or Medicare is no longer available, it is going to be worse than ever before. The 63 per cent of white men and 52 per cent of white women who voted for Trump made a decision that will invariably make their lives, and possibly millions more globally, so much worse.

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