Jamaicans don’t date, they go out

November 15, 2016

It's very interesting how culture affects the way we do things. From the food we eat to the way we date, there are distinct differences in the way we express ourselves in various cultures.

In the US, for example, dating is very specific. The two persons meet by chance, sometimes they are set up, or in this technologically advance era, some meet online.

Once they decide to date, there is usually an activity planned, something usually involving food and an entertainment experience, like a movie or a game. The couple uses this opportunity to get to know each other by asking questions that will help them find out specific details about one another.

Once the couple establishes an interest, follow-up dates are planned and they spend more time getting to know each other. At some point, they start showing each other physical expressions of their affections. This can range from kissing to sex, and everything in-between. The couple eventually becomes an item, and they make introductions to the friends and family as their relationship starts to take shape. They make it official.




In Jamaica, however, the process is a little different. First of all, Jamaicans don't date - they go out. Once they start spending time together frequently, and they are seen out together as a couple, the people around them start to see them as a couple. And when the physical expression is added, they automatically 'deh', as they are now an item.

Very rarely is there an actual conversation about the intention of the relationship or even to establish the beginning of said relationship. This type of arrangement is not always ideal because it usually leaves room for assumptions, and sometimes one person may be further ahead in the relationship than the other.

Regardless of the culture that you live in, there are certain staples that are needed to get the best outcome from your relationship:

• Communications - There's no way around it, communications is perhaps the most important tool required for the success of any relationship.

• Shared Interests - Having shared interests is a great foundation to build your relationship. Once you are on common ground with each other, it's easier for the relationship to move forward.

• Fun - Relationships take work, but if all you are doing is working on it, then it becomes too hard. Find ways to enjoy each other - laugh out loud and play together.

• Affection - Make time to show each other physical affection. Human beings crave touch, which is an important way of communicating assurance and trust with each other. So, be affectionate - it will solidify your union.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how your relationship is started, it's really about how you and your partner navigate your way through the ups and downs together. So, keep an open mind, be realistic with your expectations, and just allow the relationship to develop. Who knows? It might turn out to be the greatest love of your life. Stay sexy!

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