Killing our women is just insanity

December 16, 2016

Let me start by saying that if you are a woman who uses men - meaning if you take a man's money or have him pay your way through school knowing that as soon as you graduate you will leave for someone younger, more handsome, or of a higher status - you are evil and you should stop.

That being said, what has been happening recently, where about nine women (that we know of) have been killed by their male partners, is nothing short of absolute insanity.

I get the sense that men somehow believe they own women. How else do you explain the way they react if a woman decides to leave?

There is no place in my universe where this makes sense, but to many men, this is perfectly acceptable. When I talk to my friends sometimes I shudder at how they obsess about the idea of girlfriends/wives giving them 'bun'.

Maybe it's because many men, especially those who are thinking about this, are actually stepping out on their respective women.

Whatever the reasons are, the time has come for men to stop acting the fool.

How do you rationalise killing someone because she does something to you? And even if you don't, how does it make sense killing her? How do you kill someone you claim to love?

So you sent her to school or you set her up in business, but she still leaves, is it worth going to prison for the rest of your life?

I have always felt that whatever you use to get a woman is what you will need to use to keep her.

As I told a friend recently, if it is material things that you use to get a woman, unless your name is Bill Gates, Carlos Slim or Warren Buffet or someone of that ilk, there will always be someone who can offer a woman more than you can.

So if she leaves, be thankful and go find yourself another girl. Similarly, if you treat her like a queen and she decides to leave, that's on her, not you.




If she is the bad person, don't make the narrative about you and the evil you did. Grieve, heal and move the hell on. Alcohol works wonders during times like these.

It helps dull the pain until you can handle it without liquor. It's not the best advice, but it is certainly better than killing her and going to jail.

Most important, though, is this. How are women supposed to function in a world where they get trapped in bad relationships only because it might mean their lives if they decide to leave?

One of the women who died this past week did everything she was supposed to do. She reported her abusive boyfriend to the police who warned the man, who then turned around and killed her anyway. That's madness!

Those men so inclined to kill a woman because if he can't have her no one can need to start looking into themselves. Check your ego, check your emotions.

Think about how you would feel if a man treated your daughter the way you treat your woman. If you don't like the feeling, then let it guide your actions going forward.

If you don't feel anything, then you need to get help before you enter into another relationship with somebody's daughter whom you are likely to kill on any given day.

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