Are you sabotaging your love life?

January 03, 2017

We hear the statistics of relationships that continue to end and the debate continues about whether or not it's possible for a relationship to really last.

When we see a new couple, it's very exciting to see how much they enjoy each other, the glances and the kisses - it can make a single onlooker feel very jealous.

However, take a look at that same

couple after being together for a while and the behaviour is a lot less mushy and loving.

But what roles do you play in the demise of your love life? How are you contributing to the lack of love in your life?

There are some things that people do that can prove to be unattractive to their partners and just plain destructive to the relationship overall.


1. Try to monitor your



partner's every move


Technology has made it easy for us to track each other through our electronic devices. Some spouses use applications to keep up with their partners to ensure that he/she is not going anywhere they have a problem with. The issue with this behaviour is that it shows lack of trust and it's time consuming.


2. Talk



constantly about your past relationships


If the relationship ended, get over it. Bringing it up or comparing it to a current relationship is a mistake.

If you are stuck in the past, you will not be able to move forward with a new partner ,so let go already.


3. Compare your life to



that of your friends


Your friends show you the parts of their life that they want to share with you, so you are not getting the full picture.

So, rather than comparing your life to theirs find the things in your life that work and celebrate that. You can work on the parts you want to change after.


4. Constantly accusing



your partner of cheating


Believe it or not, some people cheat because they are constantly being accused of cheating by their partners, so they just give in.

While that is not a valid reason, stop trying to find evidence of your partner cheating. Instead, enjoy the time you have together until you are no longer enjoying it, and then make adjustments.


5. Being too available to



that undecided 'friend'


You know that 'friend' with whom you want to have an intimate relationship who does not seem to want the same thing. Stop answering the call when he/she feels lonely. Stop being there for him/her and live your life. Focus on what makes you happy and go for that. Be available for the person who values you and your time.

Finding love is challenging and many persons are trying hard to manoeuvre through all the distractions that keep them from enjoying their relationships, so don't add to it.

Enjoy your partner and try to be open and honest with each other so that you minimise trust issues. That way, you can relax and have a love-filled, sexy 2017.

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