Talk Di Tings: Women and kids under siege

February 06, 2017

They say the hands that rock the cradle rule the world. But the recent increase of kidnappings and murder of women and teenage girls is frightening! Everyday we watch, listen or read about the abductions, the murders, the attempted murders and rapes. From the old woman to the young schoolgirl a come under attack from these animals! From the pastor to the 'worlian' a commit these crimes, and mi haffi really wonder a wah Jamaica a come to?!

When a society start to violate the old, the young and the vulnerable, we are on a slippery slope to a downward spiral! The sad part is it seems like our society is immune to these atrocities and so persons take to social media and do a 'cosmetic protest', but the root of the problem is still there. It is harrowing what is happening to women and young girls in Jamaica in 2017! So many of us are hurting, families devastated, children traumatised and citizens bewildered. 

The amount a tears mi cry jus' a watch the news from last year to this year nuh stop yah so! And mi know everybody wid a heart feel it too! The mumma dem weh a grow dem bwoy pickney like hog and dog so dat when dem grow up dem nuh have no love and heart fi woman, unuh need fi do better! The mumma and puppa dem weh nuh christen dem bwoy pickney and have dem a wreak havoc pon people gal pickney, unuh need fi do better! To the perpetrators of these heinous crimes please remember yuh have a mother, a sister, a niece as well who yuh wouldn't want nobody violate or take her life! It is our men who should protect us and reassure us, not kill us! 

The police dem alone cannot do it even though dem need fi step up dem efforts and crack down on crime and criminality! Zero tolerance! As a nation we have to join hands and hearts together to fight the scourge of violence against women. We must break the silence to stop the violence! Mi need our leaders and even the opposition to be more vocal about what is happening because things cannot remain the same.

If women and children are not safe in our country den it nuh mek no sense! It a happen everywhere to everyone, and the people dem weh like turn a blind eye and then complain, unuh a part of the problem and shall face the judgement! Yuh can imagine a little girl with her future ahead of her — pregnant with promise to be the next scientist, doctor, lawyer, teacher or mother — just to have her life taken away in such a gruesome manner??! God know mi heart a bleed! 

Mi a ask us all to join together in prayer because Fadda God needed pon di case fast fast! Dis come in like Satan let loose pon the land and a operate through some a dem man yah! We cannot continue on this path or sooner than later no woman nah go lef, and then what di man dem a go a dat time?!

We need to inculcate the value of love and respect in our children so that they will love and respect others. We have to speak out against the unjust and barbaric way women and children are bring treated. It seems like we are under siege and attack, and that's frightening. Running to another country is not the answer, at least not for the majority. So, we need fi start weed out and clean up what is going on so women and children can feel great again!

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