Valentine's Day - for love or money?

February 14, 2017

It's Valentine's Day and I see the stereotypical symbols everywhere like the heart-shaped boxes of candy, red and white everything, stuff toys and baskets.

It seems the Valentine's merchandise is out and people are buying.

It's interesting to me how a holiday with such an obscure past has smart people going out of their way to participate. But what is Valentine's Day really about?

Is it an opportunity to show the ones you love how you feel about them and do something extra special so they know you care?

Or is it just another opportunity for vendors to cash in on an incredible marketing opportunity? What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

Based on how I see some persons react on this holiday, it seems that Valentine's Day is very important.

It can be the source of amazing joy - especially for those in secure, happy relationships. Or a source of anguish and stress for those who are not.


About money


I have seen relationships end because someone is dissatisfied with the gift or because nothing at all was planned or gifted on Valentine's Day. But Why?

Why is this day so important? I have personally witnessed former coworkers send themselves gifts and pretend that it was sent by a loved one, complete with quite a performance complete with gasps and surprise.

Believe it or not, this is not strange behaviour at all. As a matter of fact according to in the US, 14 per cent of women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.

Based on these examples it would seem that Valentine's Day is more about the money than the love.

If we were to look at the total spending on Valentine's Day in the US in 2015 it was US$18.9 billion. The breakdown is: $52.2 million flowers; $50 million jewellery; $38.3 million apparel; $18.6 million specialty gifts; $7.2 million movies; $7.1 million restaurants; and $1.2 million salons and spas.

For some persons, Valentine's Day holds no significance at all because they believe that the day is not necessary.

Showing love should not be reserved for a specific day and should instead be something that individuals endeavour to do all day, every day.


Special occasions


While that sentiment is very nice, for the most part it's not practical for most people. So having special occasions is a way to keep the effort in the relationship and focus a way to make each other feel special.

Ultimately, whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day you should always make an effort to treat your loved ones special.

I know life happens and everyone's busy but at the end of the day, our relationships matter and we must nourish them.

So even if you don't do it today, make a plan to spend some time with your partner just the two of you.

Personally I like Valentine's Day and other special occasions because I always relish in an opportunity to celebrate.

So Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours and I hope you make the best of it together. Have fun and stay sexy.

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