Big ups to Jimmy

February 15, 2017
Selfie with Jimmy and me.
Queen Ifrica and I.

Sunday gone I journeyed up into the hills of Somerton, St James, to take part in an event that was so beautifully punctuated with sincere love and togetherness that even now, three days later, it still has me glowing and beaming with pride and satisfaction.

Yes, peeps, I had the unparalleled honour and pleasure of being invited to share in the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award show from one of the island's top radio stations.

And trust me when I tell you that it was a day of blessing and a joy.

It was personally fulfilling for me, as I got a rare opportunity to speak up close and personally with the illustrious Dr James Ezekiel Chambers - Jimmy Cliff, who is the first recipient of this distinguished award.

People say we look alike, and I have had several moments where folks have genuinely mistaken me for Jimmy Cliff.

I usually quickly thank them for the flattering mistake before bursting their bubble by telling them who I really am.




Of course, there are the occasional instances where I happily accept the undeserved 'big-ups' and exploit the error - like the time when I was caught in a police speed trap and the officer who pulled me over just took one look in the car and said, 'Who dat? Missa Jimmy Cliff! Gwaan through star, just drive slower!"

Well, on Sunday, I made sure to use the moment to shoot a quick selfie with the eminent icon.

I'm still wondering if I should post it all over social media so everybody can study the difference in our features. That might just spoil the fun and make people stop calling me Jimmy Cliff. Nuh true?

Seriously though, I have to say a special word of thanks and commendation to Ka'Bu Ma'At Kheru, who's the main force behind the conceptualisation and organisation of the event.

It was chock-full of moving tributes. And it was peppered with powerful performances by creative stalwarts too numerous to mention.

All were excellent, but the most memorable moments for me were a riveting dance performance by L'Acadco and pitch-perfect impressive rendition of The Harder They Come by Queen Ifrica.

Jimmy Cliff, OM - actor, songwriter, pioneer singer and musician - is an ageless maker of timeless music. He's unquestionably deserving of the accolades bestowed on him.

And as one speaker remarked, the organisers set the bar extremely high by naming him as the first recipient. Wonder who next?

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