Trump will only make things worse for Jamaica

March 03, 2017
US President Donald Trump.

There are some people out there who think that they should not pay attention to what is happening in the United States of America (USA) with all the drama surrounding their new president Donald Trump.

They think that what happens in the USA doesn't affect them. They think that people like me are too foreign-minded.

There are others, including people I went to school with, who believe that Trump will make a great president and will indeed 'make America great again'. I beg to differ.

For those who think that what is happening in the USA doesn't impact us, here's just one fact that you need to be aware of.

Every year for the past decade or so, Jamaica benefits from about US$2 billion in remittances that help prop up our struggling economy. Remittances bring in almost as much money as tourism to Jamaica.

The bulk of that money comes from Jamaicans living in the USA sending back home cash for their relatives here.

Under Trump's new immigration policy, many Jamaicans, whether in the USA legally or not, could get deported. Under this new paradigm, it won't take much for someone from Jamaica to get booted out of that country.




Should that be the case, remittances could take a serious hit, and that means less revenue for Jamaica and the people here who depend on that money.

More broadly, Trump's plans to significantly cut taxes for the wealthy, something that Republicans have become famous for these past few decades, is going to leave the USA with huge deficits in its budget.

To compensate, there are going to make huge cuts across the board meaning many thousands, if not millions of people, will lose jobs.

A weakened US market will eventually send the world into another recession and we all know what that means for us here in Jamaica; redundancies, a weaker dollar, and a depressed economy.

I could go on, but I only have 400 words.

For those who believe that Trump's recent speech to Congress managed to change public perception of him, there is a space in the sky I would like to sell you.

A man who campaigned on racism, misogyny and lies does not change because of one tempered speech.

What it means is that you are extremely gullible and you are part of the reason why people like Trump get away with murder.

Mark my words. Within 12 to 18 months, the world will be on the cusp of another recession, and those praising Trump now will finally wake up to what they have been living in denial about all along.

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