Every Jamaican needed to fight crime

March 10, 2017
A resident of Allman Town kneels at Heroes Circle, Kingston, with a placard demanding the prime minister's attention on the recent upsurge in violence against women in Jamaica.

Once again, we Jamaicans are proving to be our own worst enemies. This week, there was a march organised to protest the rising tide of violence against women, and hardly anyone showed up. Why, you ask?

Well, it could be any number of reasons. Maybe it was not adequately promoted. Maybe the timing wasn't right, or maybe, just maybe, we just don't care enough.

I remember a couple years ago there wasn't space in Half-Way Tree to protest against the so-called gay agenda. People were out in full force bearing placards and shouting phrases from the Bible, venting their collective spleen against homosexuals.

However, criminals are killing people in this country faster than most modern-day wars, and we just go on like nothing is happening. The great irony is that we then turn around and curse the government, whichever is in power, that it doesn't have a plan to fight crime.




Ha! Here is a secret I have to reveal to you. No crime plan can be effective without the active participation of the general population. The police, the army and all the security forces combined can't stop the scourge of crime unless people tell what they know.

Here is another secret. There are those who complain that the police are corrupt. Just recently, two policemen were arrested for trying to dispose of a murder case for about J$300,000 (approximately US$2,000). Where do you think they get it from that a life is worth US$2,000? The answer is us. The policemen join the force from a society that places no value on life, so what do we expect of them when they put on a uniform?

That is what perhaps explains why we are so reluctant to march against the many women and people in general being murdered each year. If one life is worth just over US$2,000, we haven't cracked a million dollars yet, so let's keep doing what we do until we get to 10,000 murders a year, or a thousand a month. Maybe then, it would matter to us.

As for those people who are living high off the hog off the illicit earnings of the lotto scammers, the people who are now responsible for the bulk of the murders being committed in Jamaica today, how do you sleep at night?

How can you enjoy life when so many people are being destroyed and killed to generate the evil fruit on which you feast?

If I were you, I would be sick to my stomach every single day. But then, too many Jamaicans think like you and not like me. Therein lies the problem.

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