Messing with God's word

April 26, 2017
@Normal:Executive director of the Jesus Film in Patois Project, Erick Shenkel.

So, we just bid farewell to the only time when a Jamaican woman wouldn't vehemently object to the idea of a cheesy man giving her some bun.

Yeah, the holy Lenten period is over and the Easter holidays are now done. That which used to be a period of reverence and reflection and is now more of a season of party, liquor, carnival and fun. Time change, eh?

Yes, peeps, change is the only constant. Of course, whether the inevitable changes are good or bad usually depends on the perspective of the person who is experiencing or observing those changes.

And one of the good changes to Easter in Jamaica, for me, was seeing the films that they always show at Easter depicting the trials and crucifixion of Christ, dubbed differently - this time - with the audio in Jamaican language.

A long time dat fi gwaan! I found di patwah Jezas rich, refreshing and exciting. And many people seemed to agree. Of course, there were others who didn't agree.




Some found it downright offensive. Some even called it sacrilegious. I heard that one of my neighbours refused to watch it, saying it was sinful.

And another asserted that the people who did it were 'messing with God's word'. What you think? Mi nah lie, I find that position troubling.

I honestly can't understand how somebody can claim to be a Bible-loving Christian and still have a problem with genuine efforts to make the stories of 'The Bible' more relatable and culturally relevant to all people.

How can they profess love for 'The Bible' and declare a commitment to sharing its message and yet still they condemn creative attempts at making its language more accessible to their own people? Dat nuh mek nuh sense to me. It mek sense to you?

As for that idea about 'messing' with God's word, that 'messing' is actually called translation. And if somebody didn't 'mess' with the word in the first place, we'd all need to be fluent in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek to understand and appreciate 'The Bible'.

Yeah, man, if somebody didn't 'mess' with the word we would be saying Yeshua Ha Mashiac instead of Jesus Christ. So if you want to call the translation 'messing', well so be it.

As far as I'm concerned, that is a good 'mess' because that 'mess' is what ensures that many of us don't miss the message! Nuh true?

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