World War III could be just around the corner

May 12, 2017
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

I note with bemusement how we seem to think that what has been happening in the United States with regard to their president and his actions since taking office in January is some kind of movie.

People here seem to think that this is some kind of entertainment.

I do not. In fact, I am very troubled, afraid even. I am afraid for my children especially, who may be forced to grow up in a world that has reverted to bigotry, to intolerance, and to a mode where war seems to be imminent between any two or group of countries.

I don't know if what I am seeing from people here is some form of defence mechanism that allows them to cope with how scary the world has become in the last few months.

North Korea, China, and the United States could be at war at any time given the nature of the leadership in two of those countries, especially as they are being led by men who seem to function off impulse and not much else.




Maybe that is it. Maybe it is how we are managing to cope with the world crumbling around us. The religious nuts will rationalise by saying these are the end of days, and maybe they are not wrong this time.

I have always believed that if you throw enough darts at a dart board, one could hit the bullseye.

For people like me, though, these troubling times are more indicative of a world where our misplaced beliefs, shaped by propaganda, are leading us into unnecessary conflict because too many of us are beginning to reject knowledge, and some just don't have access to it.

Ignorant people are usually the easiest to confuse and mislead. In Korea, people are led to believe things about the outside world that aren't necessarily true.

In the US, the same is true only because the less educated are willing to give a pass to a man who is marginally less ignorant, but who happens to have at his disposal the resources to get what he wants.

Whatever the reason, countries like Jamaica are not likely to benefit from anything that is happening now. It is why I am bemused that we find these developments so 'entertaining'.

My mom used to say 'young bud no know storm'. I don't know that we are 'young buds' anymore, but there is one helluva storm on the horizon, and I, for one, am terrified.


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