A tribute to Frankie Paul

May 20, 2017
Frankie Paul

Frankie Paul, you will most definitely be missed. I don't see how music lovers a guh overcome this yah Tidal Wave.

Although you were no Cassanova, me sure Sarah loved you. Your memories will live on, and I assure you that me and Romeo will still Pass The Tu-Sheng-PengWith your death, a pure Worries in the Dance

Frankie, you might've been born blind in 1965, but with 52 years on this earth, you were more than a general in Jamaica's premier music form. You were to 1980s Jamaican music what Sylvester Stallone was to the 1980s Hollywood's theatrical scene — Rambo.

No matter the fight you got, nor the obstacles you faced, as visually impaired as you were, you saw to it that you won. You were an inspiration for many, back then, and you still are, to this day. You've paved the way for many Jamaican artiste, in varying disciplines of the arts. You were a tower of strength and an emblem of hope.

It is so sad that you bowed out of the race and didn't get to finish the way you wanted, but with your wife by your side, and friends like artiste/producer Wayne Lonesome, your legacy will live on. Walk good my friend. 

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