Let’s make Jamaica safe again

June 02, 2017
A man is arrested by the police.

So you want the Government to get a handle on Jamaica's crime problem. You say you don't feel safe and you want the police and the Ministry of National Security to spring to action and bring the criminals to justice.

OK! So this is how we will start. This week, visitors to Jamaica, who have come in for a wedding, were robbed of all their belongings. You might say, "Why is that important to me? I don't care. What I care about is my safety and that of my family."

Here is why you should care. Every criminal is emboldened in an environment where he feels like the likelihood of him or her being caught is minimal. And because we have this 'no informa' culture in Jamaica that they helped to perpetuate, these guys, like the ones who robbed the visitors this week, don't worry about being caught.

What happens now is that they will go back to where they're from and tell their relatives and friends to stay away from Jamaica. That place is crawling with criminals. Bad news travels fast, and so, as long as the reports coming out of this country continue to be negative, more and more people will stop coming. After all, the world is full of choices. Bora Bora always sounds nice. Overwater cabins, no crime, great service ... You get my drift?

The long and short of it is that poor visitor arrivals means less money for government coffers, means less opportunities for growth, which means fewer jobs. So unless you have a green card sitting on that Trump hasn't already taken away, you are stuck here for life.

That being said, it would behove us all to make this place we call home a great place to live.

So, as I said before, let's start with these visitors who came in for a wedding and now have been stripped of all their belongings. Tell what you know. Help the police bring these thugs to justice as quickly as possible. Provide the information the authorities need to prosecute these criminals to the full extent of the law and start sending the message that we are not tolerating criminality anymore. No longer will we buy into this foolishness that 'informa fi dead', and change the narrative to 'big up informa'.

Let's take the bull by the horns and make the country safe for one and all. We want the Government to do something about crime and violence, yes, but do you realise that we are the Government?

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