Ginnal taximan deh everyweh

July 19, 2017

Bless up my peeps! Look here nuh, I landed in Toronto Monday night and immediately had an encounter with a taxi driver that reminded me that we don't have a monopoly on ginnalship and dishonesty. No iyah, di ting universal!

But hold on, before I tell you about the bandoolo taxi driver, let me first of all share a little bit about the experience of the flight on Fly Jamaica.

People, mi nah lie, the service was exceptional! The friendly staff is caring, compassionate and professional. And in these times when most airlines either sell cold and unpalatable food, or just leave passengers to starve or simply dash out some soft drinks and peanuts like dem sorry fi yu, Fly Jamaica serve real-real food like rice and peas and chicken with salad and desert. Yeah, man! And di food eat good!

The one drawback though, was time. The check-in process took forever and a day. I'm not totally blaming the airline for that though, because the behaviour of the Jamaicans they were trying to accommodate added significantly to the delay.

So the flight ended up reaching Canada about two hours after the originally scheduled arrival time. And that's why I had to take a taxi.

I settled into the car, I explained to the cab driver that I had no Canadian currency on me so I will pay him in US dollars. He said no problem.




Well, the 'no problem' for him became much problem for me when Mr Driver man informed me that his rate is 'dollar-for-dollar'.

I informed him of the disparity between the US and Canadian currency rates, and he curtly responded that he's not a bank.

He's working at an international airport but he had no intention to fairly accommodate international currency differences.

Well peeps, a quick online check informed me that the CAD$71 that he was charging as the fare from Pearson International to Scarborough would work out to US$53.

But he was not willing to take my word for it. He wanted my US$71!

And even though he was able to use Internet service on his phone to get Google Maps directions to my destination, the man refused to use the same resource to verify for himself how much US dollars the trip would cost.

He insisted on his 'dollar-for-a-dollar', like him think me born when my mother gone a market. All I will say is, him lucky I'm now living for Jesus!

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