A COLE WORL': Reggae Boyz, let's do it for Burrell

July 26, 2017
File Jamaica's Reggae Boyz celebrate after scoring in their Gold Cup semi final match against Mexico on July 23. Jamaica won the match 1-0.

Where do people get the balls from to say that since Captain Horace Burrell died the Reggae Boyz a gwaan good? Good God man! I have seen the distasteful and corny post on social media. 

I mean, just the other day these same Reggae Boyz lost a match against Curacao, a team we were highly expected to beat. We never had any big name ballers around then. Now, the Gold Cup starts and we beat a mighty opponent in the form of Mexico wid the same ballers.

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Me think is a buck up win we win still but, all of a sudden Reggae Boyz is the trending topic. The first time we a beat Mexico in the competition's history, and there's this resurgence of 'Tappa' Whitmore and his Reggae Boyz.

Mek mi tell yuh sup'm, I don't know no Jamaican here right now who can name three members of our football team, and I am not talking training staff or family members.  I never knew who name Kemar Lawrence until two nights ago, but it seems him run nuff 'taxi' cause all I've been seeing is 'guh tru Taxi Lawrence'.

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Coach Whitmore

I love the support that the team is getting, even if a band waggonist support. Let me tell you something, you see if Reggae Boyz a gwaan good, stadium full up a bleachers all when they aren't all bleachers.

Without a doubt, I am happy that we are in the Gold Cup finals in the United States, playing against the United States. I hope and pray to God that we create more history by beating the United States and lifting the trophy in remembrance of Captain Horace Burrell, the former pilot and visionary of Jamaica's football programme.

Many Jamaicans would want this.

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