A COLE WORL': Time for teachers to write crime plans

August 02, 2017


Head of the Clarendon Police, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron Powell, recently disclosed that the vast majority of persons in lock-ups across the parish are men who have dropped out of particular schools in the parish.

That revelation led me to wonder, what the hell is the ministry of education doing about the crime problem in Clarendon? What are they doing about the crime rate in Jamaica?

If that revelation is true, it simply means that come September morning, every teacher must present a crime plan along with dem lesson plans. 

I took what Cameron Powell said to mean that there is a graduation of criminals each year from certain schools in Clarendon. Just like how you would have St Catherine High School with having the distinction of pushing out the most entertainers in Jamaica's music industry, and Calabar and St Georges dash out the most dignitaries, the reverse a tek place at some schools in Clarendon.

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Cameron Powell

Look here, it is the teachers, in most instances, and not parents who must impress upon the future leaders of this country. You know weh mi always say.

When a teacher walk into a classroom wid 30-odd pickney, 30-odd different personalities, from dem start teach they know exactly who wants what outta life. They know who waah come tun doctor, lawyer, DJ, scamma, and who want to work round a Back Road. 

If I ever get the chance to act upon Ven Ven's statement, I would have police officers at every graduation and school leaving ceremony inna dem Clarendon schools deh so we can nip the problem in the bud. A lie? 


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