A COLE WORL': Ominous clouds for ZoSo implementation

August 08, 2017

Let me give you the early forecast for the implementation of these Zones of Special Operations (ZoSo) across the island. Whether you want to believe it or not, many of us will have to weather the storms that are coming.

Best believe me when I tell you that you can expect isolated operations across western parishes, whole heapa gun shots, mainly poor people's doors being kicked down, and low levels of gunfire between the security forces and the criminals.

We can also expect to see and hear of scattered scammers. ZoSo will cause many to be displaced, and they will be turn up mainly across the hilly inland areas of central and western parishes. I foresee everything from Hanover, straight back to Kingston, getting tun over.

People's lives will be greatly affected, their social, educational, and financial lives will be put to test. Yes, a lot of the communities in which we expect these operations to be launched are inhabited by people living on borderlines. They people are living from hand to mouth.

I tell you again, just like any weather man, I expect operational conditions to gradually improve, starting in the second and third weeks. However, the guns, the scamming and illicit activities will continue to move further to the east as criminals try to evade the law.

I do pray and hope that all the stakeholders to also include INDECOM, Jamaicans for Justice and the public defender are on board from the onset, and that, at least, these operations will be met with overwhelming success.

Major Keva Chong (right), legal officer, Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), giving tips to members of the JDF and Jamaica Constabulary Force, during a Zones of Special Operations training at Up Park camp in July.

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