A COLE WORL': Empty barrels in Zimbabwe

August 09, 2017
Rudolph Brown Residents of Zimbabwe in Arnett Gardens, South St Andrew, took to the streets on Tuesday to refute claims that threats of rape led to the murder of 17-year-old Meadowbrook High School student Micholle Moulton on Sunday morning.

News that 17-year-old high schoolgirl Mickolle Moulton was gunned down because she spurned corner man advances have left me numb. I have never been so hurt, and I don't even know this young woman.

It hurt mi like a mi own family it happened to. When mi read the newspapers yesterday, the way how mi hurt, if yuh cut me not a blood you wouldn't see.

But you know, the most shocking thing took place last night was while watching Prime Time News on TVJ, and hearing ignorance at its best. This woman come pon national television a talk bout, "No rapist nuh round here" ..."why dem never kick-off my door!"

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A tell yuh when a hear that part mi blood start bwoil up like soup pon Saturdays enuh.

This woman a talk bout look good and nuh man naah try fi rape har. Her statements were such that it could be construed that what took place, never tek place. Yuh see why dem seh empty barrels mek de most noise?

Look how many school girls getting pregnant each year and Snow White decided that she want sup'm outta life, so she said 'NO to careless bwoy' and a dat dem kill har for.

"The child is the only child in the family to have gone to a traditional high school and is the only child in the family who would have done 11 CXC subjects, eight in one sitting. That a history inna the family," a relative said about the teen who was murdered on Independence day.

The empty barrels in Zimbabwe have dishonoured the memory of young Mickole and have daubed salt in the flesh of a grieving nation.

Micholle Moulton

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