A COLE WORL': Some police don't worth penny farden

August 11, 2017

After waking up this morning and hearing the early morning RJR news, I noticed the first couple of items had something to do with the Jamaica Constabulary Force or one of its members.

The fuss news that hit mi was about the five prisoners who escaped the Ochi Rios lock up in St Ann. Now this begs the question, 'what kind of command and control a tek place in the JCF?' It just seems that with news of prisoners escaping police lock ups, other police in charge of jails neva tek heed.

And the when yuh hear the flimsy excuse as to how they escaped, talk the truth, don't sometimes yuh wonder if annuh dem let them out? How can police work so hard to catch these guys, some of whom are alleged murderers, to just leave them 'unattended' just suh? 

I say unattended because I can't fathom how yuh have station guard and five man escape. It just don't mek nuh sense to mi. It just tells you that you have some nincampoop police carrying guns who don't worth penny farden.

Talking bout nincampoop carrying guns, how many times have we heard of fathers leaving their firearms unattended at home, only fe dem pickney find it and shooting themselves? Talk the truth, how many times? Me tired a dem thing yah a happen. It just seem like common sense nuh too common among some a di people who have been entrusted with firearms.

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