A COLE WORL': Shaneke Williams' inclusion won't affect rice price

August 16, 2017

Hold on, man! It seems that Shaneke 'Good Good' Williams' hopes of vying for the Miss Jamaica World 2017 title have been dashed.

Spartan Health Club, the local franchise holders, and their sponsors, who have been engaging in developing talents throughout the years, appear to be ketching dem 'fraid now.

Faced with a backlash about Williams' inclusion as a top 16 finalist, Spartan, through its owner Mickey Haughton-James, has offered to maintain Williams' gym membership but they want her out.

"We do not see her as a criminal or even as an unsavoury person but just someone who does not meet the criteria for entry into the Miss Jamaica World Pageant at this time," Haughton-James said.

I think backlash or no backlash, if they initially saw Williams as a worthy top 16 finalist, why are seemingly backing down now?

I believe if good gyal good, good gyal good. Don't it? After the competition annuh 'Miss Jamaica Background World 2017'. Mi nah tell nuh lie enuh, it look like dem ago push har out and tell har fe gwaan har ways.


And that is not only because Kandi King said, "my only role as pageant director is to decide whether or not she will be in or out of the pageant, and no decision has been made." Under MJW rules, a person can be a contestant as long as her "background is not likely to bring into disrepute the Miss Jamaica Beauty Pageant or MJW title or the promoter or any person associated with them."

And worse like how influential politician Lisa Hanna start talk up de tings dem, it hard fi dem keep har inna the competition.

Mek mi ask this though, isn't Williams deserving of a second chance? So she was earlier freed of whatever charges, which was alleged to have occurred in November, 2013.

I am certain Williams' inclusion or exclusion from the top 16 will not affect the price a rice.

If she win, lose or draw from here, I see this as good motivation and a great platform for her to go forward and conquer new ground.


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