A COLE WORL': God, help wi! Commish can't

August 18, 2017
Police Commissioner George Quallo

I fear we are setting a bad precedence of spending huge sums of money getting expert advice on matters that a committee could've reviewed.

We suspected from mawning that nothing would've come outta this Tivoli  enquiry, nobody woulda guh prison, nobody woulda come seh sorry, nobody woulda lose dem rerk. 

So why spend $400 million dollars of tax payers money to seek the advice and counsel of people so learned, and then disregard weh dem seh. That mek sense?

I understand that police commissioner George Quallo wants to get this over with and get back to the matter of bringing down the country’s crime rate.

I can imagine that he wants to demonstrate to the citizens that he meant what he wrote in his crime plan about placing, 'special attention on policing initiatives that have worked in the past, such as containment measures that will target gangs and mobile armed criminals. But while he's trying to secure some people's vote of confidence, he is losing others. 

Commissioner Quallo has shot down criticisms of the JCF’s review stressing that he stands by the report.

The controversial report, which cleared five cops of wrongdoing, has been rejected and denounced by several civil society, human rights groups and the Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry.  

In its report, the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry said it accepted credible evidence of extrajudicial killings and dereliction of duty against the named security personnel.

The commissioners said some senior cops should be barred from participating in internal security operations, but Quallo has disagreed.

He has already reassigned some of these senior cops and has said clearly that he is standing by the JCF's administrative review.

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I agree that he can't please everyone, but rational decisions and rational statements are warranted from the man who has been selected to lead our crime fighting initiatives.

Yuh see weh mi a seh? It's almost like yuh spen $800 million on the de-bushing projects, only to find out that the debushing projects a foolishness.  

I believe the commissioner's subliminal disregard of the Commission of Enquiry and his tone with respect to his statement, left a lot to be desired. If a suh him ago continue lead the JCF, God help wi!

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