A COLE WORL': Rockfort's 'Killa' should seek the Lord

August 23, 2017

Did you watch TVJ's Prime Time News on Monday? Did you see the exclusive story with 'Killa', a retired gangster who was interviewed? Were you scared? At first I was afraid to watch it, and even more afraid for the interviewer, Kirk Wright, and his camera man.

I thought to myself: What if Mr Killa got upset over certain questions that were being asked? What if him never want to hear anything more? Yuh understand weh mi a seh? What if him head start to tek him? After the first set of questions, I realised that 'Killa' had serious issues. I noticed it seemed as if his heyday was behind him. He spoke kinda like he has more 'bark than bite' these days, for a 'top dog' such as he.

I mean, yuh see how his hands were shaking? It looked like him have nerves problem to. I noticed his body language spoke volumes, even though a only him fingers and tear up jeans pants foot mi see, it said to me that he was concerned, he needed a manicure and some lotion, but more importantly, his fidgeting indicated he is a man broken. A man who society forgot, a warrior who got left behind on the battlefield.

His broken voice, at times throughout the interview, tells of a man who had compassion — yuh hear how him talk bout how, 'mi nuh like people who molest people enuh, mi nuh like child molester ... suh, dem continue dweet and dweet, sen dem to we'.  

I do hope his bitterness and reticent attitude toward life subsides, even at never having gotten financial backing from big man a farrin, nor from political influences. I do hope he sees changes before the police sees him and forcefully turn his life over to God.


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