FLA debacle shows up our shortcomings

September 01, 2017
@Normal:The entrance to the Firearm Licensing Authority in St Andrew.

The true state of our country has been on display lately, and frankly, it is kind of disheartening.

Yes, I am very much aware that Jamaica is a place where corruption 'run the place', but knowing and seeing are two different things.

It's kind of like knowing you did poorly on an exam but fervently hoping that you did better than you were anticipating.

However, when you finally see the score, you can't but feel even more disappointed when you realise that it was as bad as you thought it was.

The ongoing saga at the Firearm Licensing Authority is yet another example of that failed test. It is an example of how really poor we are at governing ourselves and how much the lure of the dollar turns us into prostitutes.

What is being uncovered there also sheds light as to why we see certain people known as licensed firearm holders, who should not be anywhere near one.

Too many times, in my own experience, I have seen people who are ready to pull their weapons if someone even looks at them the wrong way, and you wonder how in heaven's name were they ever granted a permit?

It's like lighting a fuse on a stick of dynamite inside your home but somehow not expecting it to explode.

That, plus what has been happening on our streets and in our country makes me wonder just how much longer will it be before we descend into total chaos.

Every day there is another murder or two and more stories of corrupt practices. People looking on from the outside are perhaps wondering how we have managed not to implode in all these years.

It's kind of like what is happening in the United States now with their white supremacist masquerading as a president and wondering just when will World War III begin. In other words, it is terrifying.

One way or the other, something has to change. Things can't keep on going as they are. In time, nobody will want to come here.

If I were an investor or a tourist, Jamaica would not be a place where I would want to be. It could be, but with what is happening right now, anywhere else seems like a good deal.

My greatest disappointment, however, is that my greatest fear is being realised right before my eyes. We, as a people, have not only lost our minds and souls, we have lost our backbones as well.


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